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At an extremely fun and enriching session at the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) counter, the pro-artist of MUFE took me through a session where we found out what my undertone was and which foundation I should be going for.

Test 1:  I was given a similar bangle in silver and in gold, and was asked to wear them both and decide which looked better on me. I couldn’t decide which stands out more – they look the same on me, I told the pro-artist.

how to test skin undertone

Test 2: We took a look at my veins on my wrist and decide if they appear more blue or green. In the end, I couldn’t decide too, because I have almost equal number bluish and greenish veins.

how to find out your skin undertone

Test 3: Do I look better wearing pink/red lipsticks or orange/peach lipsticks. I look good in all the tones, I think!

Those who picked silver, blue veins and pink/red lipsticks have cool undertones, while those who picked gold, green veins and orange/peach lipsticks have warm undertones.

How about people like people who can’t seem to decide between either? We have neutral undertones! (And the pro-artist told me that he actually already knew when he saw me, but wanted me to go through these tests so I could understand it myself)

make up for ever pro finish multi-use powder

Narrowing down the foundation shades to those that are designed for those with neutral undertones, we’re faced with just three different colours. The pro-artist applied all three shades of the Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder that are designed for neutral skin undertone along my jawline and asked me which one I think looks best on me. I picked the one in the middle because it appears to “blend” best into my natural skin tone.

testing pro finish on face

The pro-artist, however, suggested that I go for the lighter shade instead. He explained that because of our humid weather, our foundation colour tends to oxidise and picking out a shade that’s just a little lighter than what appears to “blend” into my skin tone helps to counter that effect.

He then taught me how to apply it onto my face.

There are a few ways to do it: Blend with a sponge for better coverage, lightly dust it all over face with a brush for a softer look or apply on top of your liquid foundation as a setting powder.

Here’s a before and after photo to show you the difference:

mufe pro finish before and after

On your left is where he applied the foundation on.

The Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder looks really natural and I like that it has a buildable coverage that’s great for those days I just want light makeup, and those where I need more coverage. It gives a matte finish but make skin looks dry. In fact, the formula carries nourishing ingredients that makes your skin feel comfortable. Check it out at Make Up For Ever, located at all Sephora, or at the Make Up For Ever Pro-Loft and Academy, located at 36 Armenian Street.