long lasting makeup

Ever wondered how Jennifer Lawrence still look perfect from the time she walks down the red carpet to the end of an awards ceremony? It’s not magic – it’s makeup tricks.

You can crease-proof your makeup too. Simply follow these tips:

Let Your Concealer Stay

apply concealer

Dry formulas have more endurance than liquid ones. However, they can enhance fine lines so you may want to balance this out when you choose your concealer. Setting with loose powder is also a step that you shouldn’t forget if you don’t want your concealer to disappear after a while.

Increase Your Mascara’s Endurance

apply mascara

Using a waterproof mascara may be an easy way to ensure you don’t get any fallouts throughout the day, however, it is difficult to remove, and tend to look dry and dull on the lashes. Instead, try this trick: Apply one coat first, then remove clumps with a spooley brush, allow it to dry before you do another coat. You can repeat this until you apply enough coats to get the length and volume you want.

Make Your Eyeshadow Last

apply eyeshadow

An eye primer doesn’t just help make your eyeshadow look more vibrant, it also make them stay longer. And if you really want long-lasting colours on your eyelids, opt for a cream eye shadow instead of a powder one. The only issue is that that cream eyeshadow dries quickly, so you have to blend it out fast once you get it on your eyelids. Otherwise, you may end up with unflattering patches.

Keep Your Lipstick Intact

apply lipstick

Apply your lipstick, then dab off with a piece of tissue paper. Let it sit for a while, and apply the lipstick again. Finally, rest a piece of tissue paper above your lips gently, and lightly brush loose powder over the tissue paper. Alternatively, consider using a lip stain, instead of a lipstick, which can give you a more long-lasting shade, although its colour may not be as intensive as a regular lipstick.