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We have done two stories that talk about protecting your skin from the haze. Now, your crowning glory requires extra care too during this hazardous period.

Here are tips from us. They may not radically help you purify your hair, but a little help is better than none:

  • Don’t head out of your house when your hair is wet. Fungi and bacteria thrive in wet and dark areas. Guess what this place sound like? Yes, your scalp, when your hair is wet. So, always dry your hair before you go outdoors.
  • Tie up your hair if possible. Less surface area just means less space for particles to settle.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly once you get home. Lather up your shampoo first before you put it onto your hair. This helps to cleanse more effectively.
  • After drying your hair, comb through thoroughly. This reduces tangles (don’t you notice your hair tangles more now there’s the haze?) and also more evenly distribute natural oil throughout your hair.
  • Use your hair mask more often than you usually do. If it used to be once a week, consider increasing the frequency to twice or even thrice a week. Your hair exposed to more aggressors than usual and need a more intensive treatment to help repair it.

Do you have any other hair tips to share?

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