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We are huge fans and believers of visiting the salon to get our hair done by a trusted professional hair stylist. Not only does it assure you nothing disastrous will happen to your hair, salon visits can be immensely therapeutic. However, hair grows and very soon your bangs will start feeling heavy, fall into an awkward parting and invade your eyes…

… and we understand. It’s a reality we can’t always visit salons once every few weeks due to busy schedules or it’s simply not worth it to pay the full cost of a hairdressing service when all you need is a little trim to your bangs with some assistance of a pair of hairdresser scissors. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to trim your own bangs in between your salon visits. (Only if you must!)

PSST… check with your regular salon if they provide complimentary bangs trim or offer the service at a lower price point!

STEP 1: Prepare your bangs by blow-drying them over a big round brush


You can shape your hair when it is dry using a hairdryer and a round brush. This prepares your bangs for trimming as it untangles your strands and ensures you cut them at the right length. A round brush is a must-have in every vanity desk as it helps create the perfect curls, smooth out your hair, and provides excellent volume.

STEP 2: Using a sharp tooth brush, comb through and measure the length you want to trim


Every one of the combs above can do this job, but the winner of the lot would be Number 1, the Rat-tail comb. Designed with very fine and closely apart teeth, the Rat-tail comb has a pointed end like that of a straightened rat’s tail, intended for separating and pulling sections of hair. Not only will it help you measure and secure the length of hair you want to trim, you can use its tail to easily “draw” the parting of your fringe if you prefer side-swept bangs.

STEP 3: Cut your hair in its dry state with professional hairdressing scissors

Most hairstylists will cut your hair while it’s wet, and till this day, we marvel at how they can visualise your final hairstyle when it’s dry and styled. For those who do not specialise in haircutting 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, it is safest to sink your scissors into blow-dried hair.

Professional hair dressing scissors (known as cutting and layering shears) can be bought at your local utility stores, or online on sites such as lazada.sg or qoo10.sg.

STEP 4: Cut the strands vertically for Choppy bangs and horizontally for Blunt bangs


Source 1Source 2

Choppy bangs, also known as wispy bangs, are more versatile for most face shapes. They are also easier to maintain and style as you can sweep them to the side as they grow longer. If you have an oval face shape (lucky you), don’t be afraid to try blunt bangs as it look very flattering on you!

STEP 5: To make your bangs look fuller, you may cut them shorter in thin layers.

Do not use a layering shears on your bangs as it will increase your flyaway strands and make them look frizzy. Instead, section your fringe into two layers, with the bottom-most layer (which you cut first) the thickest. The second section should be a very thin layer to add texture and volume to your bangs. Cut the second layer in vertical strokes about 2cm shorter than the first.

Comb through your bangs, whip your hair back and forth a couple of times and your newly trimmed bangs are ready to meet the world!

Need something more visual to guide you through this seemingly tumultuous task? Look at how Julia Graf does it at home with simply a comb, a scissors and a mirror.

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