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Times are changing and while there are some out there who would prefer the traditional Valentine’s Day date at a fancy restaurant, there are also a handful who would go for an interesting outdoor activity. So instead of providing a standard Valentine’s Day makeup look, here are five looks for Valentine’s Day – depending on where you’re going and what activity you’ll be doing!
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  1. 1. Fancy Date Night

1. Fancy Date Night

Just because your date takes place in an air-conditioned place, it doesn’t warrant you to cake on makeup! You still want to look like yourself, but a more polished version. While you can go for any look you want, we suggest to focus on just a part of your look. The quick and fool-proof recommendation? Bring attention to the lips.
Use the new Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip to add colour to your lips and at the same time give them dimension. The Pro Sculpting Lip product has a lipstick at one end and a foam tip on the other that has iridescent shimmer for you to dab lightly on the centre of the lips. This will give the illusion of a pouty, juicy-looking lips. Perfect for that Valentine’s Day kiss!
The Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip retails at SGD48 and will be available at Sephora and the Make Up For Ever Pro Loft from 18 February 2016 onwards.
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