bridal nails

Your wedding day is when you have the right to want the prettiest things and that includes having really good nail game. Here are our 10 favourite wedding nail art designs! Of course, they are not subjected to just brides-to-be. You can still rock them by changing up the colours to make it look less bridal. Throughout this article you’ll also realise that there are many variations of french manicures. It’s great for a basic idea, and it’s all about making it slightly more fancy!

1. French (tip) Twist: Lace Accent Nail

Wedding Nails_Lace


Instead of getting the typical french manicure with just the white tip, throw in a little bit of lace on the accent nail for an extra oomph.

2. French (tip) Twist: Glitter tips

Wedding Nails_ Glitter tip


Swap out that white french tip with a glitter tip instead! It still looks classy and sweet with that extra pop of glitter.

3. Lacey Nails: Reverse French Lace

wedding nails_reverse french lace

This design is really pretty for a dainty bride. It’s a reverse french manicure. But instead of just a block of white at the base of the nail, it’s in a lace design!

4. French (tip) Twist: Dots

wedding nails_dotted french tip


Another variation of the french manicure. Don’t stop at the white tip, carry on with a dotting tool, or a pin head and create polka dots down. Again, it’s still very classy but unique.

5. Bling not from the Ring: GLITTER FEVER!

wedding nails_rose gold glitter


Now if you LOVE glitter, this may be the nail design or manicure for you. It’s as easy as using a really nice glitter polish all over the nails. We like this rose gold glitter as it screams glam, but in a sweet and elegant way. Besides, rose gold is one of the most trendy colours for the wedding ring. So why not rock some rose gold nails to go with it?

6. Bling not from the Ring: Ombre glitter

Wedding Nails_ Glitter ombre


This manicure is sweet with the soft nude colour and the splashes of glitter on the nail. The glitter is more concentrated on the tip of the nail and it fades off nicely as it comes towards the middle portion of the nail. It gives a touch of glam, but not as overpowering as having full-on glitter nails. Also, the glitter polish in this manicure is of fine glitter, which is more subtle, unlike the one used for the manicure in #5

7. Pastel & Floral

Wedding Nails_ pastel flower


If you’re a bride who doesn’t want the typical soft pink, off-white or nude coloured nail polish for your wedding day, perhaps you can explore other pastel colours. This manicure has a pastel blue base with floral details in white. It’s soft, but it’s not the typical colours that brides usually go for. Also, you can treat this as your “something blue”!

8. Grey and Glitter

Wedding Nails_ Glitter tip with Grey base


Now we’re slowly moving towards the louder designs and colours for our brides who definitely want to make a statement with their nails. Swap out the soft pink base polish for a grey or a soft grey one and tip it off with your favourite silver glitter polish. This nail look can still be considered soft, in our opinion, but it’s definitely not a colour that most brides would go for.

9. Geometrics

wedding nails_ geometric


This nail design is for quirky brides who really want something VERY different! It has lines, shapes and at least three different coloured polishes. To pull this off, it’s important that you choose colours that complements well. You can even match them to the colour theme of your reception.

10. Wedding Nail Art… Literally

wedding nails_bride and groom nail


How adorable is this? It’s fun and cute with the bride’s dress and groom’s tuxedo painted on the nails!

Tips (Pun intended)

Whichever nail art, design or manicure you decide to do for your big day, be sure to take note of these things!

1. Choose a nail parlour/manicurist that you’re confident in and feel comfortable with

2. Bring along pictures of designs you like so it’s easier to communicate with your manicurist

3. Do a trial with your manicurist before your big day