Blush is one of those makeup products that instantly makes the skin look brighter and healthier. While there are so many shades of blushes out there for us to try and experiment, we often gravitate towards the “safe” shades like peachy pinks and light mauve-y pinks.


But surely, there are merits to those strange, I’ll-never-ever-try-it blush shades that you probably would react to, like,

no way jose


Guess what – they would actually look really good. Give them a chance and start with these:

1 . Bright Purple Blush

Strange blusher shades_colourpop rain

It definitely adds radiance to the cheeks if you have a deeper skin tone and find that it hard to get blusher to stand out. If you’re fair skinned, using a bright purple blush is a unique alternative to the safe blush shades if you’re interested to experiment. To ensure that things don’t get too crazy, use a light hand with a blush brush or a long bristled stippling brush to ensure not a lot of product is picked up at once. The blush featured is called Rain from Colourpop. This brand is not available in Singapore. However, you can get your hands on them via the Colourpop website or Instagram sellers.

2. Red Blush

Strange Blusher shades_nars exhibit A
For deeper skin tones, bright red is equivalent to a peachy pink blush. For fairer skin tones, using a bright red blush can give a rosy look and effect when applied correctly and blended well. Think of Snow White (and not Chinese opera)! This blush is by NARS and it’s called Exhibit A.

3. Bright Orange

strange blusher shades_mufe #12 orange
Orange blush is actually a shade that’s very flattering on Asian skin tones. Just like the other shades mentioned earlier, it will work well for those with medium to deep skin tones. Not only will bright orange blush brighten up the face, it helps to warm up the complexion. If placed and blended correctly, it can even pass off as a bronzer! A tip for pulling off orange blush is to concentrate colour at the fleshiest part of the cheeks and blend it towards the ears. The blush should stop two fingers from your nostril. This swatch is from Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush in #12.

4. Bright Pink

Strange blusher shades_pixie pink

Bright pink blush would look exceptionally great on those with fairer skin tones. Ever heard of the line, “in the pink of health”? Well, that’s what a pink blush does! It makes the skin and face look more awake, mimicking a healthy glow. This is Sleek Cosmetics’ Pixie Pink Blush.

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