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One of the number 1 skin problems plaguing women of all ages is having pores that appear large. In a bid to improve the condition of our skin, we might have inevitably done some things that have worsened the condition of our skin. Let us take a look at five skincare habits you might not even realise are causing your pores to look like they’ve expand!

1. Believing that these little beads will only do your skin good


Exfoliating is fine, but over exfoliating is not. When you over exfoliate, the harshness of the beads causes harm to your skin, which can lead to large pores. Read more exfoliation tips here.

2. Wanting to get that gunk out of your nose

Squeezing your blackheads though satisfying. (Trust us, we’ve been there.) But it’s the worst thing you can do for your face. By squeezing the blackheads out, we end up leaving scars or worse, enlarged pores. You definitely don’t want this happening.

3. Going to bed without removing your makeup


Removing your makeup properly is the number one thing you should keep to regardless of how exhausted you might be at the end of the day. By not removing your makeup properly, you allow sebum and impurities to build up, clogging your pores. If it prolongs, this will leave you with enlarged pores.

4. Not applying sunblock because, the sun’s rays do not reach into the office, right?


Use sunscreen everyday! You may not realise the results now but it really does matter as you age. The sun damage you get from not having sun protection regularly is going cause sagging in your skin, which will make pores appear larger. You would not want that would you!

5. Astringents aren’t for everyone

Young Beautiful Girl remove makeup by Cleansing Cotton isolated on white background, Model is a asian Beauty

Toners are an important step in every skincare regime, however, don’t make the mistake of equating astringents with toners. Astringents usually contain alcohol to help refine pores of those with oily skin. If you don’t have oily skin, an astringent will dry up your skin, tricking your skin into thinking that it needs more oil. As a result, your skin will produce more sebum to over-lubricate your skin, expanding the appearance of your pores.

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