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makeup starter kit

Going into Sephora or the makeup aisle in Watsons can be quite overwhelming for some- especially when you’re new to makeup. Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, colourful packaging… Where do you even begin? Here’s a breakdown of what we think should be in a makeup starter kit, perfect for those of you who are just venturing into the beauty world.


Depending on the type of coverage you want, you can choose to use either a foundation or a BB cream. Typically, foundations are slightly thicker and provide more coverage as compared to a BB cream. A BB cream is something like a tinted moisturiser.

The Revlon Colourstay Foundation is a favourite amongst many people in the beauty community. It is known for its staying power and the ability to control oil. Retailing at SGD30.90, it’s a good foundation for a drugstore brand, if you’re not willing to spend too much on a foundation.

 Makeup Starter Kit_Revlon Colorstaypng


If you’re more comfortable with a BB cream, we recommend the Tarte 12 Hour BB primer. It’s a pricey product (SGD 54), but it works as both as a BB cream and a primer. BB creams from the drugstore can be a hit or a miss, so as your beauty BFF, we’re here to recommend you only the good stuff!

makeup starter kit_tarte



Concealer is key to hide your under eye circles, any discolouration (eg. redness) and blemishes. You don’t have to spend so much money on concealer too! Collection cosmetics has a great concealer that beauty gurus rave about. At SGD14.90, it’s cheap, and it’s good.

Makeup Starter Kit_Collection Cosmetics Concealer



Powder is essential for you to set your concealer to prevent it from creasing. If you have oily skin, this step is critical as it will mattify your face and control the oil on your T-Zone. This is another drugstore product and it is by Maybelline. It’s the Dream Matte Powder (SGD 22.90). It’s available in many shades, so you can choose to get it in your exact shade or in transparent.



Lightly dust this over your T-zone and your under eye area to set your foundation and concealer.


After putting on foundation and powder, you may lose some dimension and your natural rosy glow. Put on a blush that will give you that healthy, radiant look. Yet again, another drugstore find – the Essence powder blushes.

Makeup Starter Kit_Essence Blush


Don’t look down on the product because of its price (SGD 5.50). Essence cosmetics has some really good products for the price point.


Chances are, if you’re new to makeup, you won’t really be comfortable with putting on eyeshadow and eyeliner. All you want is subtle definition on your eyes. Believe it or not, mascara does wonders to your eyes. It will make your eyes look bigger, and if you do this technique:

Makeup Starter Kit_Mascara Root Stamp


You can easily fill up the bits of skin that can be seen if you don’t tightline your eyes (putting eyeliner in the inner rim of your eye), giving you the look of fuller-looking lashes. Here’s our all-time favourite mascara because it’s affordable and easy to use to great results.

Makeup Starter Kit_Maybelline the Rocket


Maybelline The Rocket Mascara retails for SGD 18.90.


Here’s where you can have fun! Lip colours are a great way to make a statement. With a simple makeup look, you can pretty much pull off any lip colour- from the brightest pink to a nude. If you’re feeling bold that day, you can try one of the Revlon Matte or Lacquer Balm stains. They come in an array of bold colours and some nude ones if you’re looking for a sophisticated and simple lip colour.





Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balm Stains Retails for SGD 19.90