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The more the merrier? Not all the time. While there are those who are too lazy or can’t be bothered to do anything for their skin, on the other spectrum are the overzealous ones who may be be over-doing their skincare routines. Check out what the common obsessive excessive behaviours are and how they may harm your skin.

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1. Over-cleansing can dry your skin out

Face cleansing mistakes_5-not-rinsing

Why not: Our skin is a barrier that keeps out dirt and environmental pollutants, and it produces oils naturally to keep its surface lubricated. While it’s important to cleanse thoroughly so you can remove the layer of impurities on your skin, over-cleansing strips your skin of natural oils that helps your skin stay healthy.

How you know you’re guilty: Your skin feels tight and taut. In some cases, you may even find it dry, or see rashes or even acne (this happens when your oil glands go into overdrive as a defence response to the dry surface).

What it should be like: Your cleansing routine should not take more than 60 seconds, and your skin should feel supple and look dewy after cleansing.

2. Over-exfoliating irritates your skin


Why not: Exfoliation is key to good skin; it helps remove dead skin cells, sebum, and other impurities so your pores won’t clog, it helps skincare products to penetrate better, and it helps reveal fresh, healthy-looking skin. However, over-exfoliating can strip your skin’s protective barrier, and allow bacteria to attack your skin more easily. In other words, your skin can feel more irritated, and become more easily inflamed. Physical exfoliation that’s done too excessively can even result in skin discolouration.

How do you know you’re guilty: Your skin looks red, feels tight, and you see dry patches on your skin. There’s a stinging sensation on your skin, and it may even be flaking.

What it should be like: Proper exfoliation should be done just once a week, unless it’s a very gentle exfoliator that’s designed for daily use. Your skin should feel smooth and hydrated.

3. Using too much eye cream can cause milia seeds to appear

eye cream

Why not: Using an excessive amount of eye cream that is too greasy can cause milia seeds to appear. In better scenarios, there’ll be wastage because our eye area can’t absorb a lot of product. The remaining eye cream that doesn’t get absorbed may also irritate your eyes when it creeps into them.

How do you know you’re guilty: There’s a greasy patch under your eyes more than two minutes after you’ve applied the product. The product has gone into your eyes and cloud your vision.

What it should be like: You should be able to pat in the product and allow your undereye area to fully absorb it after massaging it in with your ring finger for approximately one minute.

4. Too much moisturiser can weaken skin



Why not: Moisturisers are made from mainly water and lipids, ingredients that mimics what protects skin naturally. Some dermatologists argue that using too much rich creams can make your skin “lazy” and not work as hard to perform its natural function of protecting itself.

How do you know you’re guilty: Your skin looks shiny after applying moisturiser and you’re leaving stains from your night cream on your pillowcase.

What it should be like: Your skin should feel supple but not look shiny. Typically, an amount that is equivalent to the size of a twenty-cent coin should do the trick. Massage your skin gently until you feel that it has totally drunk up the moisturiser.

5. Over-blotting can make your skin even oilier


Why not: Our skin produces oil naturally to lubricate itself. While blotting our skin with papers can help to remove excess oil that makes our skin look oily and feel uncomfortable, being over-zealous with blotting can dry out your skin. As a response, your oil glands will be triggered to work harder to produce even more oil.

How do you know you’re guilty: Your skin feels dry and tight after you finish blotting, but you find that it oils up even more quickly than before.

What it should be like: Your skin should feel relieved but not tight. Don’t blot for more than twice in a day. Consider spraying some skincare mist over your skin instead. Let the mist rest on your skin for a while, and then pat off gently with a tissue paper after spraying. This helps to refresh your skin instantly.

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