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Did you know that UV radiation can penetrate through clouds and windows so we can’t ever really escape from them? To compound the situation, many of us have jobs that are carried out with computers and they emit UV radiation as well. So, sunscreens should really be our best beauty buds and it’s not just for the outdoor lovers. Exposure to UV rays is one of the top factors for causing signs of ageing, and for skin cancer.

Well done if you have been applying sunscreen religiously. But if you are one of those who do, where do you apply sunscreen on? Face, back, arms and legs… Probably the more significant parts of our body that are exposed to the sun. But did you know that there are other parts that need some TLC too? Here are five places most people neglect. Read on and find out if you’re guilty!

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1. Lips

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Our lips are exposed to the sun as much as our face is but it probably didn’t occur to us that they need some protection too. This is especially so for the lower lip, which is 12 times more susceptible to sun damage. Do look for a lip balm that has SPF, keep it in your pocket and reapply it after eating, drinking, washing your mouth… Whenever you can!

2. Ears

Our ears are usually hidden by our hair and we usually don’t think much about them. But they do see the sun as well, particularly the top part. After applying sunscreen on your face, swipe whatever that remains on your palms on both ears and give yourself a small massage while you’re at it.

3. Neck and chest

Even though our neck and chest make up a huge exposed area, we often skip it. Do take note that the skin on our neck is thin so it might be better to apply a sunscreen meant for face rather than body here. Apply it in an upwards motion, starting from the front to the sides and finally, the nape. Do remember to be gentle because the neck is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

4. Back of hands

We clean our hands pretty often and it seems a little troublesome to keep applying sunscreen on them, especially when things can get a little greasy. But our hands are another area where ageing rears its ugly head first, which people don’t realise until it’s too late. The cause of ageing? Usually exposure to UV rays.

5. Top of feet


Ah, feet. Another part that is exposed to the sun very much, especially when we have our sandals on, but is often overlooked when it comes to sunscreen. Don’t forget to swipe some over and under, if you can, when applying sunscreen on your body.

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