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It was winter when I travelled to France on a school exchange programme. This was not my first time in Europe but my skin was reacting differently to when I was usually there on holiday.

It is actually extremely normal if your skin reacts in a different manner than it usually would because of the wintry climate; winter is clearly extremely different from the Singapore climate and it will take some time before our skin acclimatises to the weather and humidity there. But, if you’d like to totally avoid this rough patch, no pun intended, read on – you’re about to find out how.

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1. Do not shower under water that is too hot


I understand how tempting it can be to sink into a hot tub of water after a long day out in the cold. While I was in France, there were numerous times when I found myself turning the tap all the way to the hottest just to warm myself up. Do not make this mistake as hot water can be extremely drying for your skin.

DV Tip

Bathe yourself in warm water and stay in it for a shorter period of time. To keep extra warm, hang two towels; one will be used to wrap your body, and the other across your shoulders. It works wonders, trust me. I speak from experience.

2. Pack a small bottle of coconut oil

natural coconut walnut oil and soap


One of the greatest problems I faced while on exchange was extremely dry hands. The combination of dry indoor heat and the cold made soft and supple hands an impossible achievement. Coconut oil is a natural and very effective way to moisturise. The best part: besides using it on your hands, you can use it to moisturise your lips, hair, and basically any part of your skin that’s drying out.

DV Tip

If you don't want to work with oily hands, moisturise yourself before you head to bed and you will wake up with extra supple hands!

3. Pack gloves and scarves

winter holiday in the snow

The cold wind is a key factor that’s drying out your skin, so wear gloves and scarves to protect yourself from it. Also, do not forget to slap on sunscreen before you leave the house. Winter sun can be just as damaging as summer sun, so do not be deceived.

4. Eat to hydrate

shutterstock_129447068 (1)

Apart from regularly moisturising, it is also important to consume the right food. To keep skin supple and smooth, consume food such as salmon and flaxseed. Food that is high in water content can also help hydrate skin from the inside out. Try consuming more fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges and kiwi or even vegetables with high water content like celery or tomatoes!

5. Mask generously

diy facial mask

Pack along some sheet masks for your trip; they are great skin boosters that can hydrate your skin effectively, in the shortest possible time. If you notice that your skin is really dry, consider making masks part of your daily routine. Simply use it right after toner and before moisturiser.

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