work office beauty

Considering we spend most of our waking hours in the office, it makes sense for us to build an arsenal of beauty products on our work desk. If you don’t know what to include in this stash, read on to see our recommendation!


1. Collagen drink

Collagen drinks promise to help replenish the collagen that you lose naturally and is recommended for consumption every day. This sounds good, but you know what’s the problem with most people who invest in these drinks? They forget to drink them daily.

While you can of course consume them at home, putting a box of them on your office desk means that you’re constantly reminded of them – after all, they’re sitting right in front of you from 9am to 6pm! If you want to adopt better discipline in consuming collagen drinks, consider placing them in the office.

Try: Laneige Collagen Drink. This has one of the lowest calories in the market (at just 105kJ), is free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar, yet taste very pleasant. It retails for SGD52 for a box of 10.

Himalaya Herbal Lip Balm

2. Lip balm

The cold air-conditioned environment in the office makes it hard to keep our lips looking fresh and luscious. Chapped lips aren’t pretty and can draw our business associates’ attention to flaking skin instead of our presentation. Keep a lip balm with strong healing properties to quickly resolve this crisis.

Try: Himalaya Herbal Lip Balm. Made up of natural active ingredients, including oils of castor, coconut, wheat germ, and carrot, as well as the extracts of sweet indrajao, this lip balm is great for protecting your lips against the drying effects of cold, dry air in the office. Himalaya Herbal is giving away complimentary HOT Kit (worth SGD76) for you and two colleagues, from now till 30 June 2016. Visit their website for more information.

sk-ii mid-day miracle essence

3. Face mist

Studies have shown that hydration in skin drops significantly at 4pm and 8pm as compared to in the morning. This is probably why you’ll notice your makeup collapsing and your skin feeling uncomfortable most during these periods. It doesn’t help that we are sitting in an air-conditioned environment most of the time, and are exposed to UV rays and mental stress. A face mist can help perk your skin up and deliver a boost of hydration in the middle of the day. It will also help make sure your makeup remain fresh throughout the day.

Try: SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence. You must be familiar with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. The new SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence harnesses the same benefits as the famous “miracle water” and reformulated to help specifically target mid-day dryness. It comes with a nozzle so you can spray the product out. This will only be available from May, at SGD89, together with the SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence.

giorgio armani si rollerball

4. Perfume

Let’s face it, most of our perfume is not going to last from 9am to 9pm. Just like makeup, touch-up is essential when it comes to the fragrance we wear. And for those of you who are more particularly about your scent, you may also want to switch up your perfume according to your after-work plans. Keeping perfume near you on your work desk is also a “just in case” measure – you simply don’t know who you might need to meet at work or after work.

Try: Giorgio Armani Sì Rollerball. Sì opens with the accords of blackcurrant nectar and develops into a graceful floral. The base of musky blond wood also gives it a lingering and distinctive trail. This modern fragrance is definitely work-appropriate, but at the same time, its elegant bouquet makes it a great perfume to wear to a romantic date after work. We are recommending the rollerball version of this fragrance because it’s more discreet to roll on a scent rather than spray. You can also easily slip it into your bag if you want to take it to the restroom.

klhip clipper

5. Nail clipper

Yes, a nail clipper! How many times have you broken a nail while trying to open a can of soft drinks, or to remove a staple. Besides the obvious function of clipping away chipped nails (no, please do not clip all your nails while you’re in the office – it isn’t something that should be done in public), it is also super useful when you want to get rid of a loose thread from your dress.

Try: Klhip clipper. You obviously already know where to get nail clippers, and they definitely won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But we thought we’d just share what has claimed to be the first and only ergomically-correct nail clipper that has won design awards. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, this nail clipper supposedly gives better control, comfortable grip, and cuts so precisely that filing is not necessary. It also comes with a handmade leather case. This retails at USD75.

guerlain meteorites perles

6. Highlighting powder

You might notice that as it gets later into the day, your makeup no longer look “fresh” anymore. Besides perking yourself up with a facial mist (see #3), another trick is to apply highlighting powder strategically, and especially on the cheeks to give them an instant boost of radiance. Besides the face, you can also apply highlighting powder on the décolletage or back if you’re changing into an evening gown for a party after work.

Try: Guerlain Meteorites Perles. These beautiful pearls are made up of a subtle combination of matte, rosy and radiant pearls, as well as colour-corrective ones to help illuminate your skin and your makeup look brand-new once again.

Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat

7. Clear nail lacquer

If you have no time to go for a manicure and don’t have the ability to do it yourself, simply applying a layer of clear nail lacquer can make your lacklustre nails look a tad better. This is a good SOS product to have on your work desk, in case you need your nails to look better within a short time. Besides using it on your nails, clear nail lacquer is also useful if you need to stop (note: small) tears on your stockings or dress to last you till the end of the day. They’re also handy if you need to seal envelopes without licking them off.

Try: Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat. This base coat doubles up as a top coat and gives a glossy finish. Besides being quick-drying, it also promises to make nails harder and stronger.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter

8. Eye contour care

The skin around of eye contours is super delicate and this is why fine lines appear earlier at this area. Dehydrated air caused by air-conditioning also makes our eye area dry up more easily, and it’s not uncommon for us to see fine lines appear by mid-day, making us look more tired than we actually feel. An on-the-go eye care product can help us look less tired instantly.

Try: La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter. This luxurious product is a compact that comes with two compartments: an eye cream-gel and a lip balm. It is designed for mid-day touch-ups, so you can apply the eye gel on top of your makeup to make your eyes look brighter. The idea of including a lip balm in the packaging is ingenious too. This retails at SGD230 at all La Prairie counters.


9. Hair mist

Hawker food smells good and taste delicious, but they would never go well with your hair. The stale and greasy smell of food that lingers on your hair is annoying, and to be honest, the best way to rid of it is to wash your hair. However, when this option isn’t available while you’re in the office, consider a hair mist that can help to hide the smell.

Try: Miss Dior Hair Mist. This has a citrus scent that’s sweet and wearable. A sophisticated scent that’s part of the Miss Dior family, this scent is easy-to-wear because of its long bottle and spray. This is exclusively available on

Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector Sunscreen for Body SPF 50

10. Body sunscreen

Sun protection on the body isn’t just reserved for beach vacations. It is also for braving UV rays especially when you’re heading outdoors for lunch. The time spent walking to your favourite stall and sitting down for the meal is enough sun exposure to warrant sunscreen. After all, your body skin is also susceptible to the ills of sun exposure such as signs of ageing and skin cancer. Leave a bottle of body sunscreen on your table to remind yourself to apply them on yourself at least 15 minutes before you head out for lunch.

Try: Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector Sunscreen for Body SPF 50. The great thing about this sunscreen is how lightweight it is. It also delivers a full day worth of protection (unless you’re exposed to water, excessive perspiring or just towel-dried yourself), which means you don’t need to reapply it while you’re at work.