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puffy eyes lack of sleep

OLE OLE OLE OLE! The long awaited World Cup 2014 is right around the corner and you know what that means… Soccer match get togethers Puffy eyes.

Who doesn’t want to watch the most highly anticipated soccer matches LIVE? But that would mean you’ll be sacrificing your sleep, and when you sleep, that’s when your skin would recharge and repair itself. Here are a few tips for you to de-puff your eyes after staying up to watch your favourite team advance to the next stage of the tournament.

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1. Cold Tea Bags

World Cup Depuff
We’ve previously covered this before in our article, How to Get Rid Of Undereye Dark CirclesNot only will cold tea bags help reduce under eye dark circles, it will also help in de-puffing your eyes after not catching much sleep the night before.

For steps on how to use this remedy, just read our article! However, this remedy is only a temporary way to reduce puffiness.

2. Cold Spoons

World Cup Spoon


Just stick two spoons into the freezer overnight. Take them out in the morning and rest it on your eyes until it’s no longer cold. The cold spoon method helps to minimise the swelling that can occur under the eyes. This decreases the amount of fluid in the area and makes the swelling less. Again, this is also just a temporary solution (Source)

3. Reduce Alcohol and Salt Intake

We know that soccer match get togethers usually consist of booze and chips. But think twice before you decide to take a lot of it unless you’re intending to rock the puffy eyes look, or if you’re intending not to go to work the next day. Alcohol and sodium can cause water retention, which will make your eyes even more puffy. (Source)

4. Drink More Water



As mentioned in our Guerlain Super Aqua review, when you are dehydrated, it can mean that there is a build up of toxins in your body. And when there’s toxins, it can also cause water retention which will lead to puffy eyes. So drink up!

5. Eye cream

Don’t neglect your skincare routine- particularly your eye cream! To maximise the potential of your eye cream, keep it in the fridge. When you take it out to use it, it’ll be cool when you apply it hence, de-puffing your eyes (Source).


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