Everybody wants impeccably-manicured nails, but it’s time-consuming, as well as expensive to keep up with regular visits to the nail parlours. DIY is a great option, but it’s hard to design the look that we want exactly – we can’t even properly paint the nails on our right hand (as a right-hander), let alone doing a design that we like.

Now customised nail art can be made easy and affordable. A Singapore start-up, INNI, offers easy-to-apply high quality nail wraps that you can customise according to your outfit, favourite colour, or even mood-of-the-day.

inni design

Get your design in three steps:

1. Go to inni.com and design your own nail design. If you’re not feeling creative that day, consider looking through the gallery of works that other INNI users have done. Click on “purchase” and wait for the nail wraps to arrive.

inni gallery

2. INNI supplies 26 nail wraps of different sizes that are also stretchable so they can fit onto your nails perfectly. Paste them onto your nails according to the sizes.

3. Finally, file off the excess wrap and you’re ready to flaunt them. The INNI promises that they can last up to 10 days and are waterproof. To remove, simply peel them off, like how you would to stickers.