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GLOV Skin Smoothing Body Massage Glove

Body Exfoliator

Best Body Exfoliator

Get softer, smoother skin with Glov Skin Smoothing Body Massage Glove. Made using natural bamboo fibres, the product helps to exfoliate your skin gently, revealing supple skin. Comfortable and easy to use, the massage glove preps your skin for body moisturisers.

“This is a game-changer in body exfoliation! The ergonomic glove design makes it easy to switch between my hands to exfoliate my body. My skin feels soft and smooth to the touch with just one use.

I also love how I can give myself a lymphatic drainage massage in the shower and promote better blood circulation, especially on the bottom half on my body. You can feel a slight tingling sensation as you brush your skin (similar to dry brushing) as it stimulates your blood circulation!” – Winter


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