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b.glen – C serum

Vitamin C

Best Vitamin C Serum

b.glen’s C serum is a highly concentrated pure Vitamin C serum made to penetrate deep into the skin. It is a vital skin rejuvenator that instantly targets skin imperfections, formulated with b.glen’s QuSome® tech, to even tone and boost firm-looking skin. Additionally, it promotes collagen production, prevents wrinkles and sagging, suppresses sebum to prevent acne, anti-aging effects and many more benefits.

“My holy grail! I love this to bits because it helped to keep my breakouts at bay and also reduced my acne scars. It also has a very interesting oil-like formula, which I was not expecting but ended up loving! I’ll definitely repurchase this – it’s worth every penny even though it’s a little pricey. ” – Pei Ying


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