Back for the fifth year running, we present to you Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2022!

Find out which are the best beauty products in Singapore chosen from more than 500 products spanning across the skincare, makeup, hair care, and body care categories, as voted by our judges and more than 700 readers.

See all the winners and find out why our judges are obsessed with them!



As the Editorial Director of Daily Vanity, Kristen is constantly exposed to the latest beauty products and top trends. She’s been in beauty journalism for the past 15 years, so she’s seen and tried it all! She has also been invited as a guest judge for numerous beauty awards and as an expert commentator for beauty-related topics in media such as Channel NewsAsia and Channel 8.


As a media personality with a large following and influence across several social media channels, Jade is definitely a familiar face with over 10 years of experience on TV. She’s also a much sought after emcee at events which makes it important for her to find the most suitable beauty products out there to look her best!


Serving honest and quality content to her followers regularly, Winter has undoubtedly tried and tested almost all the beauty products out there that you can find. She had reviewed the products for our 2021 awards and is back for the second time in a row as our trusty judge – so do expect to find the real deal for these winning beauty products!


Juggling between being a model, influencer and studio owner, it’s important for Aim to look her best in front of the cameras especially with her busy schedules. Her flawless skin has got us asking for beauty tips and we’re sure to trust her product recommendations!


Being a beauty content creator and photographer has undeniably allowed Cee to be exposed to new beauty launches and discover their unique sparkles. Besides introducing these products she believes in to her followers through her aesthetic feed, she has also joined us as a judge for our 2022 awards to share these products with you too!


We've shortlisted the best beauty products that might have some exclusive promos just for you!