best popular Shampoo/conditioner singapore
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BEST anti-dandruff shampoo


ADV Purify Shampoo deep cleanses the scalp removing flakes and excess sebum while providing relief from inflammation for a fresh and balanced scalp. For dandruff, oily and itchy scalp types. Shop Now

best popular Shampoo/conditioner products singapore

BEST shampoo for oily scalp

Moist Diane Extra Fresh Shampoo

Infused with 49 carefully selected scalp relieving herbs, the silicone-free Extra Fresh shampoo helps to eliminate embarrassing scalp odour and provide up to 48 hours freshness on the scalp! Specially formulated and made in Japan for Asian ladies living with hot and humid climates with oily scalp and dry ends. Shop Now

BEST anti hair loss shampoo

Schwarzkopf Seborin Triple-Effect Shampoo

Seborin 3-fold effect with caffeine shampoo activates the hair roots and stimulates the release of hair growth factors (in vitro demonstrated). Free the scalp and hair of dandruff effectively and sustainably - from the 1st application. Up to 6 weeks anti-relapse effect with regular use. For thinning hair and flaky scalp, activates the hair roots, anti dandruff, strengthens hair. Shop Now

best popular Shampoo/conditioner products singapore

BEST shampoo for damage-repair

Syoss Repair Total Renew 7 Shampoo

The SYOSS RENEW 7 Complete Repair with SERIN-PROTEIN-FORMULA, developed with and tested by hairdressers, strengthens and improves the structure of each hair from roots to tips. For salon-beautiful hair like directly after the hairdresser – every day. Shop Now

BEST volumising shampoo

JOHN FRIEDA Luxurious Volume Core Restore Shampoo

As limp hair requires core strength to hold volume, the Core Restore Protein-Infused Shampoo uses a patented strengthening technology, which penetrates and fortifies every hair strand from within. This gentle cleansing formula both boosts volume by creating space between hair fibers, and detangles tresses. Shop Now

best popular Shampoo/conditioner products singapore

BEST shampoo for chemically-treated hair


EverPure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner with rosemary gently cleanses dry hair to replenish essential moisture, lush-touch softness and luminous shine. There are no harsh sulfates, salts or surfactants that can strip, dull and damage hair. Keeps color pure for up to 4 weeks. Shop Now

BEST anti-frizz shampoo

L'Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited

Are you looking for frizz-free smooth hair? Try this smoothening for rebellious hair. This shampoo purifies the hair and keeps it under control and feeling incredible to touch. Enjoy glossy, frizz-free looking hair result for up to 4 days*. Use the complete range to get our best results on your hair. *Instrumental test Liss Unlimited Shampoo. Masque & Leave-In cream vs classic shampoo. Shop Now