best popular sunscreen supplement products singapore 2020

Best Sunscreen Supplement

Heliocare Oral

Heliocare Oral, World’s First Oral Sunblock, has been extensively tested and researched and for its safety and efficacy. It protects the entire skin surface, increasing the skin’s resistance against sunburn and redness by up to 300%. The protection from Fernblock® also slows down skin aging by up to 55% through the inhibition of collagen depletion caused by UVA.

“I find my skin recovering more quickly from exposure to the sun, so I’ll recommend it if you want an all-rounded sun care routine.”

Retails at Watsons.

best popular collagen supplement products singapore 2020

Best Collagen Supplement

FANCL Tense Up Collagen Drink

Want to turn back the clock and look younger? It’s no secret that collagen is the key to having firm and supple skin. FANCL Tense Up provides a constant replenishment of collagen and prevents drastic collagen loss. Your skin gets firmer and brighter, no matter what age you’re at. Bounce back to youth today!

“My skin looked more perked up and radiant the next morning if I drink it the previous night. Its great taste also makes me look forward to drinking it!”

Available at all FANCL stores islandwide. Click here to find the nearest store