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SkinLab The Medical Spa - Vanquish ME Body Contouring

The Vanquish ME Body Contouring treatment is FDA-cleared and clinically proven.

Their treatment is also non-invasive and contactless. It is safe and effective with no downtime. The system is specially designed for the belly (abdomen) and thighs. Regardless of your body weight, this treatment can be done!

Sherwood Aesthetics Clinic - S Lift

The S Lift treatment is comfortable, painless, and makes you feels like you are having a warm hot stone massage. This body slimming and contouring treatment is safe and effectively works to speed up the process of fat elimination without the pain or struggle with exercising!

The treatment is non-invasive and safe with no downtime. This treatment works by stimulating collagen and promotes collagen growth for long-lasting lift and firmness.

It also helps to improve your skin texture, elasticity and soothes out lines and wrinkles.

EstheClinic Singapore: E-Sculpt Body Contouring Treatment

With more than 20 years of experience in the aesthetic industry, EstheClinic knows what exactly your body needs when it comes to contouring and sculpting treatment.

The E-Sculpt Body Contouring Treatment is the first and only procedure that combines fat reduction and muscle toning into one non-invasive treatment. By using High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave (HI-EMT) technology, E-Sculpt destroys fat cells and tones the muscles without any pain, downtime, or spending hours in the gym.

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