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Fresver Beauty Gastro-Intestinal Wellness

Gastro-Intestinal Wellness helps to alleviate gastrointestinal weakness, diarrhoea, bloating, and improves poor digestive functions.  

Phillip Wain Singapore Therapeutic Pelvic Care Treatment

This treatment helps to strengthen pelvic bones, muscles and surrounding organs held by the pelvic floor. The therapists identify, isolate and target the affected areas. The active release, trigger point release, soft tissue massage, and myofascial release is used to promote better blood circulation and lymph circulation. This treatment promotes good menstrual flow, better bowel movements, and improve body posture.


Bio Aesthetic Medispa Fat Freeze

This fat freeze treatment is fast and produces visible results. The Cool Shaping 3 Fat Freeze utilises 360° freeze technology to freeze fat cells at temperature minus five degrees celsius, leaving other tissues like skin, blood vessels and nerves unharmed. The temperature is constantly regulated to ensure the it doesn’t burn the skin. At Bio Aesthetic Medispa, the medical consultant will develop a customised fat freeze treatment to exclusively for your body type. The consultant will also show you the before and after photos of your body to prove the effectiveness.

Aesthetic Studio Clinic Clatuu Alpha Cryolipolysis

Clatuu Alpha Cryolipolysis is the "Korean" equivalent of fat freezing technology. It is developed from CoolSculpting technology and has received the MFDS certification (Korean equivalent of US FDA certification) for non-invasive replacement of liposuction. This treatment works faster than CoolSculpt as the machine targets 2 areas at the same time, and each device has a 360° cooling system that removes fat cells more effectively. The applicator sucks up a portion of the layer of fat just beneath the skin, crystallising them.

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