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Browhaus Lash Resurrection

This treatment is non-invasive, safe, comfortable, and requires no downtime. A proprietary machine is used to cleanse the lash follicles and a special microtip is used to apply a potent growth serum. Your lashes will be more resilient and less prone to breakage. It also encourages quicker and better recovery from frequent lash extensions or false lash usage.


Bunny Lash Pte Ltd Lash and brow growth treatment

The eyelash treatment uses a special eye scrub to remove dead skin cells. Microneedling is also used to activate new skin growth.

At the end of the treatment, eyelash tonic is given to you for home maintenance.

JO ARTYSAN Lash Resurrection

This treatment is pain-free, fuss free and requires no downtime. You can see growth in your eyelashes after each session. 

The treatment helps to strengthen, lengthen, and thicken your natural eyelash so there's no need for eyelash extensions!


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