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Joyre TCMedi Spa Meridian Detox Bojin Facial Treatment

The Meridian Detox Bojin Facial Treatment is one of Joyre TCMedi Spa's key signature services.

It helps you to achieve a v-shape face naturally even after the first treatment with visible results.

The Bojin Facial Massage uses an ox horn tool made from jade, stone or horn.


Pure Tincture Organic Beauty Meridian Facial

This facial is ideal for those who want to improve their skin texture, soften their wrinkle and fine lines, and rejuvenate themselves.

It helps to de-puff the face by reducing water retention, diminished fine lines, and unknots tissue blockages for better internal circulation.

Your skin will feel uplifted and firmer after the treatment. This is perfect for highly stressful inactive individuals!

Syoujin Meridian Detox Bojin Facial

This treatment stimulates the meridian points on the face for a rejuvenated appearance.

This ancient Chinese technique is non-invasive with visible results right after the treatment.

It helps to unblock meridian channels, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, removes double chin, and relives insomnia and headaches.

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