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Apart from an immediate lift to sagging tissues, thread lifts also provide a stimulus for collagen regeneration over the treated areas.

This ensures long lasting and natural results that continue to improve even months after the procedure. Additionally, the procedure may help with overall skin rejuvenation and improvement of skin texture issues such as wrinkles and even scarring!


The Clifford Clinic Silhouette Thread Lift

The Clifford Clinic face thread lift is offered as a less invasive face lifting procedure alternative without the surgical risks and downtime associated with a traditional face lift.

Silhouette Thread Lift involves very fine surgical sutures to be inserted into the soft tissues of the face in order to gently lift and support sagging areas for a more rejuvenated and lifted look. This process helps to reduce jowl formation along the jawline, raise the outer brow area, and reduce sagging in the nasolabial folds and cheeks.

Patients will achieve a re-tightening effect which redefines facial contours with a naturally rejuvenated look.


Aesteem Clinic uses 100% bio-degradable threads to reposition and rejuvenate skin tissues beneath the skin.

This is one of their signature services. They have different types of thread lift procedures - 30 Threads Face and Neck Lift, V Jawline Lift, Nose Lift, Under Eye Lift, and Eye Brow Lift.


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