Read this if you:

  • are a luxury or premium brand
  • are a skincare and makeup brand
  • have used or are planning to use bloggers agencies
  • have lost confidence in traditional media

Client profile:

Well-known French luxury skincare and makeup brand


Heavily invested in advertising on various traditional media like newspapers and print magazines but did not deliver a single sign up for their workshop and various other marketing objectives.

What they engaged Daily Vanity for:

  • To drive sample distribution to help boost sales
  • Build product awareness via stories
  • Reach out to readers who prefer to read non-influencer created content AND readers who follow influencers

Other platform used by client for same campaign during same period of time:

  • Engaged bloggers with high Instagram follower count from a top bloggers agency. The bloggers reviewed, had a call-to-action to try their sample, and ran a contest to win the signature product
  • Facebook advertising

How Daily Vanity helped: 

  • Created sponsored stories designed to educate readers. Within the story, there’s a call-to-action to collect a sample. Thus attracting the right readers with a higher chance of buying, compared to freebie junkies
  • Engaged beauty influencers to review and create call-to-action to try their sample
  • Compiled reviews from the influencers


  • We were told that we distributed more samples even though the top bloggers have a supposed combined reach that is far more than our engaged beauty influencers and Daily Vanity combined
  • Why it worked? Because we attract the right readers for your business! 100% of our readers are interested in beauty content. They are not on our website for food, fashion, career advice, entertainment, or interesting Singapore stories. And because of our attention to details in execution that made sure it is done properly for the best results


  • Daily Vanity was the only engaged platform for Phase 2 of their campaign
  • Consecutively ran more campaigns for them ever since
  • Media buyer initially did not want to include Daily Vanity in the media buying list due to us being relatively new in the space with little track record. But ever since we outperformed all the other media and influencers for the various campaigns, media buyer and client have consistently used us to help them achieve their marketing goals