Must-read if you:

  • are a luxury or premium brand
  • are exploring or have been doing digital marketing like Google adwords, display network, FB ads
  • have done or planning to run content marketing stories on mass websites that cover news, food, and other popular local topics
  • wants to be known as an expert in your space
  • are a slimming, facial, or hair loss/treatment brand

Client profile:

Client is a well-known beauty group in the premium slimming, facial (women & men), and hair treatment space.

They are one of the first beauty services company in Singapore to explore digital and has been doing a lot of digital campaigns for more than 10 years.


Many beauty services company in Singapore are known to hard-sell thus conversion through performance marketing has been getting poorer and poorer even though it is a premium brand with celebrity ambassadors.

Tried mass websites and paid a premium for their high traffic. Realised it didn’t work as their audience were not interested to read beauty content and prefers to read about food and fashion. This is evident from the Facebook posts performance too as the mass website’s typical food story can easily garner hundreds and thousands of Shares and Likes, but when it comes to beauty they get a meagre handful even though their Page have over 20,000 to 300,000 Page Likes.

What they engaged Daily Vanity for:

  • Help position them as an expert in the space
  • Drive traffic to their website for people to find out more about their services
  • Increase leads and sales through our suite of advertising solutions

How Daily Vanity helped: 

  • Created sponsored stories to help educate readers on various problems client is able to solve with their treatments. Stories are angled towards sharing beauty tips with readers, thus 80-90% of content consist of scientifically sound tips with only 10-20% client-related solutions. This soft-sell approach has made the story more shareable hence expanded the reach beyond Daily Vanity’s readership
  • Listed their promotions as Vanity Perks to drive traffic and sales


  • Initially, campaign was just for their slimming, facial (women), and hair loss brands. Because of its effectiveness, client’s men’s facial brand also started doing more campaigns with Daily Vanity
  • While client did not mention how effective we are, by continuously renewing with us over a period of two years shows that Daily Vanity is effective
  • Noticed they have stopped using mass websites ever since