Read this if you:

  • are a mass brand
  • are a skincare or makeup brand
  • planning to run giveaways or contests
  • Korean brand
  • looking for alternative digital media beyond the usual Singapore-based female websites and Facebook

Client profile:

Well-known Korean mass skincare and makeup brand


Required an alternative digital media that is affordable and effective (i.e. value for money) as compared to current offerings in Singapore’s digital landscape

What they engaged Daily Vanity for:

  • To drive sample distribution to help boost sales
  • Build product awareness via stories
  • Increase outlet walk-ins and workshop attendance

How Daily Vanity helped: 

  • Created sponsored stories designed to educate readers and build product awareness. Within the story, there’s a call-to-action to either redeem a sample or take part in their workshop. Thus attracting the right readers with a higher chance of buying, compared to freebie junkies
  • Ran a giveaway to increase product awareness through our proprietary viral contest mechanic
  • 4 weeks worth of roadblock banners to ensure visitors knew about the product


  • Distributed thousands of samples and drove thousands of walk-ins to the outlets
  • Attracted hundreds of participants interested to join the paid workshop. Client had to increase workshop sessions to cater to the unexpected increase
  • Was told by client that they shifted their marketing budget from a popular female website to Daily Vanity