Read this if you:

  • are an aesthetics clinic
  • looking for alternative media to execute marketing campaigns within MOH guidelines

Client profile:

Well-known aesthetics clinic based in Orchard


Have been working with bloggers and used Google Adwords, but realised they needed to increase their discoverability and brand awareness beyond the following:

  1. searchers (people who already know what they want)
  2. blogger followers (people who follow bloggers/influencers)

They needed to target people who are not following influencers and prefer to read from magazines instead of individuals.

What they engaged Daily Vanity for:

  • List their treatments available
  • Build brand and treatment awareness via stories
  • Reach out to readers who prefer to read non-influencer created content

How Daily Vanity helped: 

  • Created sponsored stories designed to educate readers about aesthetics treatment. Thus attracting the right readers with a higher chance of trying out the treatments
  • Displayed their treatments on our Perks listing platform to help drive sales


  • Delivered quite a few sales from the campaign
  • Client is currently on an extended campaign period with us – prove that Daily Vanity works.