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Just akin to the “potion of love” from famous wizard stories, the potions from celebrities with their alluring scents have always put the crazy-celeb fans down in urge to grab a bottle of that one potion which may connect them to the spices of their “gods”. One can’t simply walk through the piles of branded perfumes stocked in the store shelves or while casually flipping through the magazine pages, without noticing the glamorised starlet hawking over their namesake scent. In an awe of the glamour which they provide the question remains, which scent really excites the customer if we were to do a blind test? Let’s swag a look at the best-smelling celebrity scents that we think the market has to offer.

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Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamonds:

Celebrity Perfumes Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

This is the real powerhouse of the scents ever produced. As the aldehydes, roses, sandalwood and soft musk mince together, there’s an outcome of elegance and glamour around the air of the woman wearing this particular “potion of love”. It doesn’t smell strong and mature, but it is a classic example of rich, sweet and floral scent that simply amazes the buyer of her ingrown “womanhood”. Just like a sherbet bomb in a bottle, it starts off demure, and warms up to be sweet. Hence, definitely the perfect, attention-seeking, party woman fragrance!

Jennifer Lopez, Glowing:

Celebrity Perfumes Jennifer Lopez Glowing

J-Lo’s latest trend is an absolute portrayal of cleanliness. This fragrance is a gorgeous wrap up of more woods and extra musk as compared to the release of her 2002’s newbie, “Glow”. The super-cool spray feature of the bottle is an added charm to her scent. Yes, the bottle actually is “glowing” when you spray it over the body. The fragrance also gives you an amazingly fresh and creamy feeling for the day, presenting itself as a “dreamy scent” that stands out and you betcha by golly, WOW! You’d realise you’re periodically sniffing yourself!

David Beckham, The Essence:

Celebrity Perfumes David Beckham The Essence

“The Essence” of 2012 is proclaimed as multi-faceted fragrance which emphasises the soul of an amazing man. “Every man has something that makes him happy and for me, it is the smell of The Essence that conveys a sense of adventure and those special moments spent with the loved ones”, says Beckham. It sprays on nice with a citrusy mixture and woodsy trail which is very refreshing. A little bit like Lacoste’s Essential Sport, it is just perfect for the weather with nice and clean smell.

Paris Hilton, Can Can:

Celebrity Perfumes Paris Hilton Can Can

The 7th fragrance in line of the “Richie Rich” beautiful star opens with floral-fruity, oriental and very sensual scent. Can Can has a greater powdery, musky feel to it which is better fit for a cold winter night with your man. If you’re pro sweet vanilla fragrances, this is a good staple which is nothing ground-breaking or innovative but delicious, nonetheless. Feminine, cute, cuddly and a little overbearing at times. One awesome prototype of the sugar decadence!

Madonna, Truth or Dare:

Celebrity Perfumes Madonna Truth Or Dare

This long-awaited pop star fragrance is indeed a perfect blend of floral and fruits which are so similar to each other. Truth or Dare has a climate which gives an aura of Guerlain and Dior. It is a strong mixture of white flowers; you’re a genius if you can detect tuberose and jasmine in almost deadly amounts. This fragrance is an expression of Madonna’s individuality which itself is a lovely smooth, gentle blend with soft powdery smell. Lasts long, but isn’t overpowering.

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