Celebrities spend a large amount of time preening themselves because of their jobs. So when it comes to all things beauty, they do know quite a fair bit. And some of them have translated their knowledge into products which they put a part of their heart and soul in.

Here are six beauty brands that you probably didn’t know were owned by celebrities:



1. CIRCA Beauty by Eva Mendes

Hitch is an all-time favourite rom-coms and just how many of us remember being very envious of Eva Mendes’ healthy and glowing complexion? The Hollywood A-lister achieves this with simple and fuss-free skin care and makeup. Think: lots of coconut oil and drugstore products. While we may never have her sharp and gorgeous features, we can have a little of her beauty with her high quality, yet affordable makeup line, CIRCA Beauty.

Available at Walgreens and Drugstore.com, the brand uses only the best ingredients and the richest pigments to create products of high standards. It aims to make professional makeup accessible to all women so that we can express our individuality easily and creatively.

Try: Eva Mendes’s favourite Ultrasuede Cream Blush in Portofino.




2. DrGL by Dr. Georgia Lee

The beginnings of DrGL came from a cream that Dr. Georgia Lee concocted for herself. In 2004, she had an allergic reaction of blisters and left her with hyperpigmentation that refused to go away… Until she used her cream. Thereafter, the celebrity aesthetics doctor and socialite spent the next five years studying skin care in detail so that she could mix science with skincare and come up with products that are simple and effective.

Try: The best-selling Skin Repair Serum.



3. Flower Beauty Makeup & Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore

Forever the sunshine girl, Drew Barrymore wanted a range of quality cosmetics that we want and deserve at pocket-friendly prices. Hence, her brand, Flower Beauty Makeup & Cosmetics, channels all efforts into developing the products instead of advertising. The products are formulated with the same ingredients used in higher-end ones, are not tested on animals, and are made in the USA.

Try: Drew Barrymore never leaves home without her Skincognito Stick Foundation.



4. Pony x Memebox by Pony

Fans of Korean makeup artist and popular YouTuber, Pony, love how her tutorials use quite a number of drugstore products, are simple, clear and perfect for Asians.

A while back, she collaborated with Memebox to come up with her own range of makeup that even beginners will find easy to use. It was well-received and she will soon be launching her own line, Pony Effect.

Try: Shine Easy Glam Eye Palette 2 for a soft, feminine and subtly glamorous look.




5. KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is quite possibly the first Victoria’s Secret angel that most of us had a crush on. Gorgeous, down-to-earth and a loving mother, she began modelling full time when she hit 18. At that age, she started becoming more aware of the chemicals she was applying to her skin. When she couldn’t find certified organic skincare that gave results, she decided to launch KORA Organics, after four years of research. Products were only released after she tried and tested them personally, and was completely satisfied.

Try: Miranda Kerr never fails to apply the Hydrating Day & Night cream to her face, neck and décolletage areas.



6. The Honest Company by Jessica Alba

Favourite next-door-girl Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company after the birth of her first child, Honor, in 2008. Troubled by her own childhood experience with allergies, she wanted baby products that were free from ingredients like petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. After three years of research, Jessica Alba and environmental scientist Christopher Gavigan launched The Honest Company. The company is now embroiled in complaints and lawsuits related to their sunscreen, but Jessica Alba has been defending the brand very fiercely.

Try: The Honest Discovery Set for a sampler of 5 essential family products.