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For many women, age is a sensitive number to share. However, for 60-year-old Taiwanese celebrity and host of cooking show A date with Mei Feng, Chen Mei Feng, it’s hardly ever the case.

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“Age is just a number, it’s how you look after yourself that makes a difference” says Mei Feng as she graces the Mary Chia’s beauty seminar with co-ambassadors, Li Nanxing and Constance Song.  “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” is a philosophy that she embodies and lives by. We mean, look at her! The toned and fit physique, and skin that hardly bears her age – who doesn’t wish to look like her in their 60s!

“Water is the beginning of everything”

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So, just what is the secret to her youthful look? There is no magic, just discipline and keeping things simple. Her usual routine revolves around water. She kick starts the day with a big glass of warm water to “wake up” her sleeping body. Such a routine proves beneficial for the body as it replenishes the water lost throughout the night, and reduces the risk of numerous health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, and kidney problems etc.

She then ends the day with a glass of water to keep her body hydrated throughout the night! “But drink just enough, you don’t want to look puffy the next morning!” she warns.

DV Tip: Your body loses water as you sleep throughout the night, especially for air-conditioner users. It also helps to promote sleep by balancing your body’s hormones, energy levels, and even your muscles and joints. So everyone, bottoms up!

Doing it right from the start!

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Other pointers attributing to her youth includes exercising and eating right from a young age. An exercise routine should be squeezed into one’s busy schedule even if it’s only a short 5-minute workout. It not only keeps your metabolism going, it also helps your body to produce endorphins (hormones that make you feel good)! Also, reducing on sugar, oil, and salt helps to reduce the chances of heaving Type II diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

However, with a hectic schedule and long hours of work, Mei Feng admits that she is still human (thank goodness!), and do fall back on products like the MU.Tivate Mist Spray (SGD388) to help keep her looking fresh in front of the camera.

Amping up the game!


She first discovered the product while filming in Taiwan, when she noticed co-star, Li Nanxing still managed to look fresh and energetic every day, despite his insane schedules. After several filming sessions, the curiosity got the better of her and she followed him back to his trailer, only to see him generously spraying the MU V.TIVATE mist spray on his face.

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Li Nanxing, being the true MU ambassador that he is, was more than happy to share his secret with his favourite ah jie, and she was hooked ever since! She appreciates the hydrating functions of the product and its promises to lift, heal, and prevent the formation of fine lines.


Limited edition luxurious crystal light-pink bottle MU V.TIVATE mist spray specially designed for Mei Feng.

The MU V.TIVATE Mist Spray is exclusively available at all Mary Chia Lifestyle & Wellness Centre, Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber, and Urban Homme Lifestyle & Wellness Centres.