hyun bin men's skincare

Many of us may remember Korean actor, Hyun Bin, in his performances in My name is Kim Sam-Soon and Secret Garden. The heart-throb will be in Singapore next week for his first Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore.

hyun bin men's skincare

As the team did up some research on him, we found this charming commercial that he did for Laneige Homme.

Fantastic to share, we thought, especially since we’ve been preaching telling you so much about the importance of sun protection.

For a 30-year-old, Hyun Bin certainly look fabulous. He doesn’t have the typical “baby-face” look, but if anything, he’s what we call someone who “ages gracefully”.

We know how men may be inclined to be as minimalist as possible when it comes to grooming. Many men we know only have a facial cleanser in their “skincare regime”.

Dear readers, tell the men around you to follow these tips if they want good skin (show them the Hyun Bin commercial or his picture if they need more convincing!):

  • Use a great cleanser. Men’s skin is generally oilier than women, so go for one that’s designed for men’s skin or oily skin. If brands like Lancome Men or Clarins Men are too high maintenance for you, consider Garnier’s Pure Active Fruit Energy cleanser/scrub. It may smell very sweet, but you’ll thank it for its ability to control sebum and makes your skin feel squeaky clean.
  • Go for a toner. Apply it with a cotton pad. This helps get rid of any debris on your skin and keeps its pH level optimal.
  • Finish off with a moisturiser (preferably one with SPF for the morning). You need to hydrate your skin or it’ll start producing sebum to keep skin “moist”, and then clogging will begin and you’ll start complaining about problems like zits and enlarged pores. Sun protection is also important because it keeps your skin from premature ageing caused by UV damage.
  • BONUS! If you feel that you’re up to it, invest in an eye cream. The first signs of ageing typically appear around the eye area, so you’d want to pay special care to this delicate area.

Ladies, remember to forward this article to him. And men, if you are reading this, most ladies love their men well-groomed – so, step up your game!

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