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Have you seen Jennifer Aniston’s new hairstyle? Not so chic, you’d probably notice. Apparently, Aniston was forced to cut her hair short after it was damaged by a Brazilian-style blowdry (or Brazilian blow out).

jennifer aniston brazilian blowout disaster

This treatment has received lots of controversy. Using a combination of formaldehyde and keratin, this treatment helps keep your hair looking straight for up to three months. But this effective treatment has always been warned by industry experts to “proceed with caution” if you should consider it.

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What does a Brazilian blowout do?

The hair is washed with a special shampoo so hair cuticles will open up in preparation for the application of the straightening solution. The solution is left for 30 minutes on the hair. Then, straighteners are applied to lock in the formula before blow drying.

What are the risks?

When heated, formaldehyde emits a vapour which can cause symptoms including difficulty breathing and nosebleeds. On top of this, formaldehyde has also been linked to a increased risk of cancer.

There has also been studies that showed that when formaldehyde comes into direct contact with the scalp, it can penetrate into hair follicles and permanently damage cells that are responsible for hair growth. This means that when your hair falls out, new strands will not grow in their place because the follicle is destroyed.


Aniston before her hair was fried.

What do I do if my hair is fried from Brazilian blowout

If you’re unlucky like Aniston, cutting off the damaged parts is a good enough cure. And then, pray that your hair will grow out soon.

The other side of the story

But according to Aniston’s longtime colorist Michael Canale, who worked on her hair for almost 20 years, her hair damage wasn’t the result of the Brazilian blowout, but from wear-and-tear and blow drying on set.

Canale is also responsible for the colour of her new look. Regarding Aniston’s new baby blonde look, Canale said: “he is much more ‘popped’ throughout the part and fading to a darker tone in the back” — very blonde, then blonde then deeper.”

He predicts that this look will “be the hot colour for holiday.”

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