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Celebrity Michelle Chia may no longer be signed with MediaCorp, but she has been kept very busy. One of the role(s) that is keeping her busy is her ambassadorship of GLOW™, a slimming supplement brand.

We caught up with the loyal user of GLOW™ amidst her busy schedule in an email interview, to find out what she has been up to.

Daily Vanity (DV): What have you been busy with and what are some upcoming projects?

Michelle Chia (MC): I’ve been busy filming for season 5 of Our Makan Places: Lost & Found. I missed Season 4 last year because I was busy with my school YOU Station, which is a Chinese Oracy school for children for three to twelve years old. So this year when the project came up I decided that I should take it up because it’s always fun to work with Gurmit and the team of Makan Places and it’s a great chance for me to go back to my most favourite hobby, which is eating.



As for upcoming projects, I will be filming a new game show with Adrian Pang this August for Starhub. It’s called Silence, and you can find out more about it probably from Starhub’s website.

Also, I’m travelling quite a bit. This July, I’m going to Europe, and then later again in the year for a ski trip.

DV: Isn’t it tempting to binge on unhealthy food especially because that’s the easiest way to fill yourself up? Do you have any tips to share on how you stop yourself from eating unhealthily?


MC: Of course it’s tempting to binge on unhealthy food but as long as you don’t buy them and don’t keep them at home, that always works to stop temptation. But if you don’t have it at home, and when you feel like having something, you don’t have anything to eat. But if you stock up, when you feel like eating, or when your mouth feels “itchy”, you’ll always have something there to tempt you. So the best way is not to tempt yourself. Don’t buy and stock up junk food at home. You can stock up on healthy foods instead, like fruits or yogurt bars.

DV: What is your current fitness regime like?

MC: Yoga, swimming and cycling.

DV: How do you motivate yourself to stay healthy and fit?

MC: If you want to feel good from the inside, it has to start with your health. If you’re healthy, naturally you’ll be a happy person. And I always feel that that’s the most important thing. I want myself to be happy, to be positive and through healthy lifestyle and good eating habits, that helps me achieve these goals.

I also want to grow old gracefully. If you eat unhealthily, it will slowly show on you. I don’t want to get pimples so I don’t eat all that oily deep fried stuff.

My mum is someone who works out everyday, she wakes up early in the morning to go for her qigong, and she will take very short naps in the afternoon. She is very busy
She is always running around doing her stuff, she sleeps early, and that’s why she looks really young. Her skin is good, she’s in great shape. She is my inspiration to keep fit and healthy.

DV: Tell us more about how the GLOW™ diet helps you and how does it work?

MC: Of all the GLOW™ products, GLOW™ Ignite works well because I have my exercise regime, and it helps to keep me fit. It helps me eat less, because I don’t feel like I need to eat a lot when I’m taking GLOW™ Ignite and it helps tone my body, when I’m exercising.


When I’m filming Makan Places, I’m eating so much oily food and fried food, GLOW™ 7-Day Cleanse really helps. I don’t have to worry that I’m eating all that unhealthy stuff for work. It helps to detox and remove all the unwanted junk from my body. And the good thing is it’s not those detox programmes that will cause you to have a diarrhoea. It’s just quite natural. I don’t see any side effects so far, it’s all quite natural and soothing.

DV: What are some final words you have for readers who want to start seeing positive changes in their life?

MC: If there’s a will, there’s a way, if you really want something enough, you’ll surely do it. If you want to be happy and healthy, you got to do something about it. You cannot just sit there wishing that it will happen, because it will not, you just have to be realistic. Just remember that if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, it makes you feel more energetic, you feel more motivated in what you want to do. You’ll feel healthier and happier!


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