As entertainment reporters are counting the number of times Joanne Peh mentioned Qi Yuwu in her interviews and speeches, and fashion reporters are quick to talk about the gowns the female celebrities wore at the Star Awards 2013 ceremony, Daily Vanity has our eyes peeled on the TV, looking for great beauty styles we think you can emulate at the next event you attend. Here are the ones that caught our eyes:

Rui En Channels Simple Elegance

Star Awards 2013 Rui En And Jennifer Lawrence Comparison Star Awards 2013

We can’t help but notice how similar Rui En’s getup and makeup on the second Star Awards 2013 presentation is to Jennifer Lawrence’s at the Oscars 2013. From the poufy Dior ball gown she has also chosen to wear, to the sleek but feminine bun she had – Rui En reminds us of the Asian version of the Hollywood It girl. However, unlike Jennifer Lawrence, Rui En’s makeup is a lot more sultry, which goes better with her dark coloured Dior gown, as well as her ice-queen image. Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup was more reminiscent of a blushing bride, which went well with her white gown and bubbly personality.

Jeanette Aw Goes Sweet Glamour

Star Awards 2013 Jeanette Aw Star Awards 2013 Hair

Huge wavy hair is commonly associated with bigger-than-life Hollywood glamour. Jeanette Aw managed to wear a wavy hairdo and still look approachable and sweet, perhaps because the curls are loose. Her pink gown and megawatt smile probably helped to tone down the holier-than-thou glamour factor too. We love how she looked a million bucks without looking like she’s trying too hard. We’d imagine Cinderella in the same getup and ‘do when she attended the ball.

Ann Kok Takes Note Of The Details

Star Awards 2013 Ann Kok Star Awards 2013 Nails

While her twin peaks have stolen the limelight, we managed to look beyond the obvious and zero in on something else – her nails. Sporting a sexy Herve Leger bodycon at the ceremony, Ann Kok does it right by pairing it with a glamorous and sexy half-moon manicure. The devil is definitely in the detail – and a savvy woman knows how to look best at all angles. We’re sure she’d have one of the best photos when photographers pay special attention to her hands which hold her prized Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste Award trophy in closer photos.

Rebecca Lim Dares To Be Bold

Star Awards 2013 Rebecca Lim Star Awards 2013

While most of the female celebrities go with smoky eyes (we honestly think that it’s so overdone, that it’s as though all of them were using the same makeup artist and went through a makeup “production line”), Rebecca stood out with deep red lip colour. We’ve always say that bold lips are the easiest way to look glamorous yet it’s a look that many are afraid to try. The only downside is that the deep red shade seems to make the 27-year-old a little more mature – perhaps a fuchsia or purple lipstick might have been a better choice; the flat hair also doesn’t look that great. Nonetheless, thumbs up for taking the bold step!

Photos from xinMSN and Channel News Asia.