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The new generation of Singapore celebrities isn’t interested in grabbing headlines with outlandish outfits and makeup. It’s been a long while since we’ve seen hot pants or chest-baring tops appearing on the Star Awards ceremony. In fact, in this year’s show, it’s hard to point to any outstanding looks. The theme for the ceremony appears to be “safe, elegant, and clean”.

(What’s interesting too is that almost every female celebrity was on the new Korean brow trend that we said was going to take over 2016 – slightly rounded eyebrows. See all the Korean trend changes we revealed.)

While you may dismiss these safe looks as boring, we’d like to think that this means we can pick up a lot of practical inspirations from these celebrities because we are likely to be able to pull them off too, at our next soiree, gala dinner, or D&D. Here are six artistes we think have absolutely nailed their red carpet appearances and whose looks we are copying for our next event.

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1. Jeanette Aw

When it comes to Jeanette Aw’s red carpet looks, you can always expect the same features: bright, radiant-looking complexion, minimal eye makeup, and a pastel-shade lip colour. It was the same in Star Awards 2015, it’s not different in this year’s ceremony.

But while we can’t award any points for creativity, we definitely have to admit that this is a look that works every single time. 

DV Tip: Soft, pastel shades help draw light to the face and makes you look more youthful and radiant.

2. Paige Chua

We have always said that a bold lipstick can save your day; it is the easiest way to glam up any makeup. Take a leaf out of Paige Chua’s stylebook, and you can definitely see how her plum lip colour helped channel the glam goddess in her – regardless of what she wore.

DV Tip: Pair bold lips with bold brows to create a harmonious balance in your overall look. You don’t necessarily have to fill in thicker-looking brows, you just need a darker shade of eyebrow powder.

3. Julie Tan

We liked both looks that Julie Tan wore for Show 1 and 2. In Show 1, she follows the usual playbook of Jeannette Aw – a clean, youthful, vibrant look.

But she showed her versatility in Show 2, when she appeared with a bronzed, sunkissed look. She had initially wore what looked like a purple lip colour that we thought didn’t go that well with her bronzed cheeks. Thankfully, the colour was changed to something more muted.

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4. Carrie Wong

Who said you can’t do much with short hair? Carrie is in our list for looking both chic and edgy.

We also love the brown smokey eyes look that is sultry and super wearable. This is definitely the eye makeup reference you should clip for future events.

5. Felicia Chin

We are in love with Felicia Chin’s look in Show 2: the curls oozes old Hollywood charm, and the blush applied just under her eyes gives an ethereal look.

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DV Tip: Go for coral blush (instead of pink) to avoid looking like a Chinese opera actor. You can also highlight your lower lash line with an orange eyeshadow for a healthy but whimsical look. We’ve talked about wearing blusher under the eyes as a trend followed by Japanese women. Read about it and get more blush tips here.

6. Rebecca Lim

What caught our attention is how Rebecca showed us you can use a different hairstyle – or a different fringe length, to be more accurate – to achieve an absolutely stark look; it’s not just about the makeup.

While she looked sleek and cool in Show 1 with extremely short bangs, she transformed into affable girl-next-door with longer fringe and wavy locks in Show 2.

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