Announcement: Winners of the Daily Vanity Beauty Survey 2016


Thanks for taking part in Daily Vanity’s annual beauty survey! This survey has allowed us to understand our readers better so we are able to create more content that matters to you.

We have selected two winners to walk away with the grand prize of $2,300 worth of beauty products and 150 winners to get a Biotherm sample kit consisting of:

  • Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer 3ml
  • Aquasource Gel Moisturizer 2ml
  • Life PlanktonTM Essence 2ml

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The two winners are…

  1. Pua Sock Ping of [email protected]
  2. Siti Syafiatul Istiqamah of [email protected]

The 150 winners are…

  1. Juliza Binte Rahim of [email protected]
  2. Levian [email protected]
  3. Kaira of [email protected]
  4. Sunena Sharma of [email protected]
  5. Audrey Goh of [email protected]
  6. Lee Xin Qi of [email protected]
  7. Joanna Teo of [email protected]
  8. Loh Lee Chyn of [email protected]
  9. Ace Lara of [email protected]
  10. Joanne of [email protected]
  11. Ng Shu Ling of [email protected]
  12. Hilynn Yeo of [email protected]
  13. Siti Haryati Binte Salani of [email protected]
  14. Hazeline Quek of [email protected]
  15. Choo Huey Wen of [email protected]
  16. Gladys Tong of [email protected]
  17. Nor liana of [email protected]
  18. Kavitha of [email protected]
  19. Sherry Ng of [email protected]
  20. Diyana Zaidi of [email protected]
  21. Wendy Chua of [email protected]
  22. Tham Shi Min of [email protected]
  23. Kristine Joy Guanco of [email protected]
  24. Mumtaj Begam of [email protected]
  25. Lee Pei Ling of [email protected]
  26. Karen of [email protected]
  27. Tan Mei Zhen of [email protected]
  28. Hsu of [email protected]
  29. Cherry Ann Joven of [email protected]
  30. Lee Zhi Hui of [email protected]
  31. Yoga of [email protected]
  32. Khrisna Ingusan of [email protected]
  33. Vanessa Tan vivavandiva@****
  34. Carolyn Vivianty of [email protected]
  35. Geraldine Tan of [email protected]
  36. Ng Li Yen of [email protected]
  37. Claire Teo Shu Ting of [email protected]
  38. Amelyn Lee of [email protected]
  39. Janani of [email protected]
  40. Grace Lee of [email protected]
  41. Denise Chia of [email protected]
  42. Tan Qiu Wen of [email protected]
  43. Siti Aishah Yeo of [email protected]
  44. Maria Jesusa M. Canuel of [email protected]
  45. Sher li of [email protected]
  46. Heidi of [email protected]
  47. Aimee of [email protected]
  48. Aisyah of [email protected]
  49. Farah of [email protected]
  50. Low Le Yen of [email protected]
  51. Yan Han of [email protected]
  52. Anzu Ng Bing Bing of [email protected]
  53. Tew Ying Sian of [email protected]
  54. jamie jamieluwting@****
  55. Vivy Tai of [email protected]
  56. Fiona Ong of [email protected]
  57. May tay of [email protected]
  58. Koh Shi Yi of [email protected]
  59. Ngo Hai Yen of [email protected]
  60. GohHwee Ping of [email protected]
  61. Staciy of [email protected]
  62. Kunali Parikh [email protected]
  63. Ooi chieh leei of [email protected]
  64. Alicia Ang of [email protected]
  65. sharon seah of [email protected]
  66. Laine of [email protected]
  67. Nicki Thn of [email protected]
  68. Lei Hoi of [email protected]
  69. Krystal Koh of [email protected]
  70. Loh shirley of [email protected]
  71. Rebecca Wee of [email protected]
  72. Weilin of [email protected]
  73. He Zongyi of [email protected]
  74. tan puay wen of [email protected]
  75. Jean Lee of [email protected]
  76. Faezah Adam of [email protected]
  77. Nilam Nurdiyanah Alec of [email protected]
  78. Constance Tan of [email protected]
  79. Sandra of [email protected]
  80. Lee Chin Fong of [email protected]
  81. Lyn Yunos [email protected]
  82. robielyn tayag of [email protected]
  83. Eyrica of [email protected]
  84. Angeline of [email protected]
  85. Cheryl [email protected]
  86. Marilyn of [email protected]
  87. Meiyi of [email protected]
  88. AzRina of [email protected]
  89. Huzaimah mahmod of [email protected]
  90. Nur Hazimah Hosni of [email protected]
  91. Jael Teng of [email protected]
  92. Danielle Teo of [email protected]
  93. Diane Chen spasmistic@****
  94. Anis Radhiah Azzahra of [email protected]
  95. Xinyu of [email protected]
  96. Irene Marie Demetria of [email protected]
  97. Carol of [email protected]
  98. Li Yingying [email protected]
  99. Nabilah Izzati of [email protected]
  100. Wenting Li of [email protected]
  101. Cindy zhang of [email protected]
  102. Ang Swee Ting Joween of joween_ang_**
  103. Kym Tan of gontan****
  104. Liang Qiqi of l**
  105. Singhui of singhui**
  106. Joyce Yin Shu Xiang of joy***
  107. Winter Li of li_****
  108. Wan Lin of wongwanlin.***
  109. Kristine Ada of kristine****
  110. Liu Ying of the***
  111. Tan Winnie of endorph***
  112. samantha of lim*****
  113. Melody Toh of melly_***
  114. Thricia Tan of cia_****
  115. Laura Kee of futuredreams**
  116. chloe chua of happyhui**
  117. Teo En Qi of teo.***
  118. Lim Yian Ling of saphir**
  119. Tan Bi Wen of g***
  120. Yvette C of sim_s***
  121. Serene Ngiam of serene.ngiam**
  122. Nabila of ja***
  123. Hazel Yim of qiaomei.****
  124. Niccole Chia of ni****
  125. serene of icz***
  126. Ni Min of li***
  127. Demi of damn.**
  128. Grace Leong of sy***
  129. Sze Jia Min of sz**
  130. Priscilla Chan of priscillala**
  131. Christin lye of christin***
  132. Rachel of blu***
  133. Lee Jia Wen of rab***
  134. Jasmine Goh of jg_**
  135. Tan Chia Hwee of chi***
  136. Lim Li Shan of r******
  137. Ong Wen Qing of o*****
  138. Rizalee Calma of riza*****
  139. Hong Shi Hui of shih***
  140. LC Tan of luckie_*****
  141. Kaira of kaira.may.***
  142. Fatin Afiqah Binte Baharudin of fatinn**
  143. Elizabeth yong of yong**
  144. shannon of shancy.**
  145. Xin’er of bluey***
  146. SAMANTHA PHUA of sam*******
  147. Christina Ang of christina.ang**
  148. Ferline Tan of ferlin***
  149. Anisah Binte Muhammad Hussain Abdullah of anisah*****
  150. Joselin of cowso**

Congratulations to the winners! We will be contacting you soon regarding the prize redemption details.

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Today's Beauty Tip

Day creams and night creams aren't the same: the former tend to absorb more quickly so that you can get on with your makeup application, whereas the latter are usually richer because they're meant for bare skin. We'll share another useful skincare tip tomorrow - so, come back for it!