Experience 1 Year Worth Of Bella’s Depilux™ Hair Free System

Discover healthier skin with Bella’s exclusive range of skincare and hair removal solutions. With over three decades of experience, Bella is the pioneer in advanced skin care and hair removal solutions to cater to the changing lifestyle demands in Asia.

Bella’s exclusive Depilux™ Hair Free System remains the safest, most sophisticated and effective IPL hair removal technology available. The system transmits pulsing light via the melanin pigment in the hair down into each follicle and uses heat to disable the hair-growth mechanism. It quickly and effectively disables hair roots and prevents them from growing back.

Here is your chance to experience Bella’s Depilux™ Hair Free System for 1 year (equivalent to 4 sessions as hair will grow out and requires removal every 3 months)! Simply answer a simple question and follow the rest of the instructions to stand a chance to win!



Today's Beauty Tip

Sunglasses aren't just pretty accessories, they are also your beauty companion. They can help protect your eye area against the damage of UV rays, and also stop you from squinting, which can cause lines to appear around your eyes in the long run. Remember to invest in only sunglasses that really carry UV protection!