Find Out How You Can Win 3-Month Unlimited Access To 40+ Fitness Studios In Singapore


Why do you not work out as often as you wish?

A. I don’t like to be stuck to just one gym by signing up for its membership.
B. I can’t find a gym that has outlets near my house AND my office.
C. I haven’t settled on a gym I want to commit to yet because I’m not sure which one is good.
D. All of the above.

Now what if we tell you there may be one solution regardless which of the above reason you’ve picked?

GuavaPass offers you convenient access to top boutique fitness studios


Launched earlier this year, GuavaPass is a monthly membership that allows you to access more than 40 fitness studios all over Singapore, and across different fitness verticals including yoga, cross-functional training, pilates, crossfit, dance, muay thai, just to name a few.

With this, you can have the luxury of experiencing and choosing different studios according to your needs and convenience. This means that the chances of you working out becomes higher, since you’re more likely to find a studio that has an activity you want and/or is near you. For most of the participating studios, you’ll be allowed up to three classes* at the same studio per month with your GuavaPass membership.

Membership is at just SGD139 per month. GuavaPass allows you to book a class easily through its integrated system.

*Some studios may be in the exception list.

Win 3-month GuavaPass membership worth SGD417!

Answer a simple question and stand a chance to win a 3-month GuavaPass membership worth SGD417! Contest ends on 22 June 2015. CLICK HERE TO WIN.



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