You’ve heard of many hair treatments out there, but how about a Dual-Effects hair treatment that not only helps you prevent thinning and greying hair but also stimulates the scalp at the same time?

Validated by Trichologists, this 2-benefits-in-1 hair treatment helps counteract any signs of ageing that your hair experiences. This treatment ensures that you will save precious time from having to head to separate treatments for both hair and scalp!

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Ready to experience this Dual-Effects hair treatment?

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Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment Promotion from $80*(U.P $289) + Free Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo (250ml)

Benefits of SIGNATURE ABSOLUTTE MASQUE hair treatment

Topp Care’s Hair Treatments incorporate western botanical remedies that are customisable for individuals and suitable for all ages*.

*applies to individuals of 18 years old and above

  • Counteracts age-related hair changes
  • Reverses the symptoms of grey hair
  • Provides essential nutrients for hair loss prevention
  • Cleanses the scalp and follicles of any impurities
  • Activates scalp cells to prevent premature aging
  • Restores moisture in the scalp and hair follicles
Topp Care is certified by US Trichology Institute & a Member of British Herbal Medicine Association. Topp Care incorporates products made of high quality Western Botanicals natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health into each step of every treatment.


Topp Care provides solutions for everyone from all ages, young and old, hair greying issues with our Signature Hair Treatment, Absolutte Hair Masque. All treatments are administered by Topp Care’s US Trichology Institute Certified Specialist and professional therapists, and include “hair-friendly” ingredients such as aloe vera, burdock and thyme.


Topp Care is a recipient of the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award and has also been featured in LianHe WanBao. The Topp Care team has always provided excellent and affordable services to its customers and this has allowed them to maintain strong and positive customer relationships over the years. With treatments that are focused on the use of natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, Topp Care takes special care to ensure that customers have a safe and pleasant experience on their journey to achieving their hair goals.


Topp Care is also awarded the Best Signature Hair Treatment by Beauty Insider’ Choice Award 2019, Beauty Insider is Singapore’s largest Beauty Review, Rewards and Beauty Magazine site. Topp Care bested multiple signature hair treatments by various hair salons/treatments centre to be voted by Beauty Insider’.

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