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From now until 24 January, receive a free full-sized serum and more with min. spend $100 at Aprilskin!

You could receive any of the following: Vitamin Serum, Carrotene Serum, Calendula Serum, or Collagen Serum.

No code is required, simply spend over $100 to receive it.

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Receive a free full-sized serum and more when you shop at Aprilskin!



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Our top picks


Future is Bright Set

Treat yourself to this perfect age-rewinding trio – from cleansing, boosting, to hydrating!

Start with the clarifying Carrotene Foam Cleanser to clean the skin and remove impurities. Rejuvenate and bring back the hydration to your skin with the Real Artemisia Rice Essence Toner to boost the next steps of your routine. Apply the best-selling Vitamin ACE Brightening Serum that has been proven to brighten skin, targeting hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and even dark circles. Seal it all in with the lightweight but ultra-hydrating 50% Collagen Peptide Line Smoothing Cream to nourish your skin with the 50% nano collagen that your skin will easily absorb.

Get the Future is Bright Set here at S$90.90 (U.P. S$170).


Aprilskin Buffet

APRILSKIN Buffet of bestselling serums powered by super active ingredients. Everyone’s skin type and skin concerns are different, so your skincare routines should be different too. Combine and layer your favourite serums to individually manage different skin concerns day to day.

This set includes:

  • 20% Vitamin A.C.E. Brightening Serum
  • Carrotene Blemish Clear Serum
  • Calendula 10% PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum
  • Collagen Peptide Plumping Serum
  • Artemisia Rice Toner (FREE!)
  • Calendula Deep Moisture Essence (FREE!)

Get the APRILSKIN Buffet here at S$116 (U.P. S$166).


Calendula PHA + AHA Resurfacing Serum

Dull and flaky skin no more – this gentle exfoliating serum brings out the glow in your skin. Made with nature’s Calendula flowers and hyaluronic acid, skin is soothed, calmed, and hydrated.

Get the Calendula PHA + AHA Resurfacing Serum here at S$62 (U.P. S$96).

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