TrichoKare is a multi-award winning Hair & Scalp Care Centre that provides expert solutions on hair and scalp problems. Using advanced formula and revolutionary technology, TrichoKare’s treatments are all customised using premium European herbs validated by certified Trichologists, which have been proven to have medicinal benefits on the hair and scalp to promote hair growth.

Why visit a Trichologist

A Trichologist is a certified hair and scalp specialist. A trichologist will be able to diagnose the causes of hair and scalp issues using a scientific approach – taking in considerations from the genetics to the lifestyle of an individual, finding out the underlying causes to the problems, before providing a solution to tackle your hair and scalp problems. 98% of men and women have seen visible hair growth with the help of TrichoKare’s certified Trichologists!

Award-winning Hair & Scalp Treatment

TrichoKare has been awarded Top 10 Trusted Hair Treatment Centre in the Daily Vanity Top 10 Awards 2017! View other awards here.



Reduce Premature Grey Hair

Step 1: Scalp Detox

  • a nozzle that uses low-current and high-frequency to stimulate hair growth, ‘kills’ hair impurities and bacteria
  • helps to revitalise your scalp, increasing the rate of hair growth, preventing itchy scalp and reduces hair fall gradually

Step 2: Customised Hair Masque

Hair Masque

Beauty Blogger, Miyake @mykxii

  • helps to exfoliate your scalp to unclog hair follicles by removing excess sebum and debris such as dandruff and dead skin cells from the scalp
  • opens up your pores again to promote new hair growth, enabling stronger, thicker, healthier hair. It also soothes the scalp to reduce redness and irritation.
  • the application takes up to 20 minutes for the scalp to be ‘detoxed’ and to fully absorb the nutrients from the masque

Step 3: Hair Wash

Trichokare Hair Wash

  • the hair expert uses soothing botanical hair wash that will deeply cleanse and restore the pH balance of your scalp, removing the dead skin and grime
  • the relaxing head massage focuses on each pressure point on the scalp, melting any tension away

Step 4: Oxyjet Treatment

Parenting Blogger, Kelvin Ang @cheekiemonkies

  • using pulsed oxygen pressure, an infusion of 98% pure oxygen and nutrients are “shot” into the deep layers of the scalp
  • OxyJet Treatment consists of 10x powerful penetration of intensive solution!
  • strengthens the cohesion of keratin fibres and infuse hair with proteins to improve the hair density.
  • increases the production of melanin to inhibit grey hair and encourages the production of collagen, which in turn improves hair growth & control hair fall

Step 5: Infrared Therapy


Blogger, Xiaxue @xiaxue

  • improves blood circulation and oxygen flow to the hair follicles
  • stimulates cell renewal, which will help to stimulate hair growth and restore hair to its former glory

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Celebrity, Kimberly Chia

Had a 2hrs customised hair treatment at @tktrichokare recently and had their expert Trichologist do a hair test for me! Turns out my hair age is 8 years older than my actual age!😱 The treatment features a new Oxyjet technology which helps to infuse hair with proteins, boost collagen production to promote hair growth & control hair fall. It can really help to thicken your fine, thin hair! Plus the head massage was sooo good and I love how the results are so immediate! They use premium European herbs and it helps to relieve any itch & redness on the scalp. My sebum build-up was completely removed and my scalp feels super clean now~ If you feel like you have any hair fall issues or scalp problems, #Trichokare is currently having a CNY promotion! Their Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment is now only at $40 nett including a Free HairGRO Ampoule + Hair Care Kit (worth $758)!! 🤩 Try it and see the results for yourself! Visit the link in my bio or SMS 87-9999-01 & quote <KC><NAME> to book your appointment now, I highly recommend it! 😊👌🏻

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Trichokare Customer, Kim Smith

My hair is thicker and fuller now. I have also noticed a remarkable decrease in premature grey hair. TrichoKare’s customised hair treatments have continued to show amazing results for my scalp and hair! I’d recommend this to anyone facing hair and scalp problems.