Formulated by single origin craft oils infused with blue jasmine to nourish your hair

From the brand known for its artisanal haircare products, Moist Diane, Diane Bonheur’s all-new Blue Jasmine range is developed for those with fine and flat hair to help restore hydration and increase volume. The Blue Jasmine range also features ingredients such as hand-picked blue jasmine, organic marula oil and prickly pear oil from France, Namibia, and Morocco respectively. This formula is also suitable for users with greasy hair, leaving their hair feeling luscious and airy.

Want to see these ingredients almost in real life?

Diane Bonheur introduced a created a AR microsite, World of Diane Bonheur, to allow readers to take a trip around the world to find the Joy of Blue Jasmine and learn how this range is being produced! Users can experience this journey through their smart phones. What’s more? Users who completed the journey will get a sample of Diane Bonheur’s Blue Jasmine range to try out!

Click here to enter the World of Diane Bonheur, your journey awaits!

Your itinerary:

  1. Grasse, France – to hand-pick blue jasmine flowers for the Craft Fragrance and better understand the scent in this range
  2. Namibia, Africa – to learn about the Craft Oil, that’s partly made up of cold-pressed single origin marula oil, and give back to the local community in Africa
  3. Japan – blend your final product to Craft Soap to produce mochi-like foam

Giveaway: 3 sets of Diane Bonheur Blue Jasmine Shampoo & Treatment to be won!

Here’s how you can win a set of artisanal quality haircare products to pamper your hair and scalp!

  1. Follow and like Moist Diane on Facebook and Instagram (save your screenshot for verification)
  2. Answer a simple question, what are the 3 crafts of Diane Bonheur? (Answers can be found on this perk page as well as during your journey in the World of Diane Bonheur microsite)
  3. Fill up the form below


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