Discover complimentary services and the latest products at Givenchy Beauty’s first and only standalone flagship boutique in Singapore!

Get ready for an entirely special experience at the new Givenchy Beauty flagship boutique.

Complimentary Services

Skincare Consultation

The skincare consultation is conducted by professional and jovial Givenchy Beauty consultants.

They will be delivering personalised recommendations of the finest products to fit your needs.

Engraving and Gift-Wrapping Services

Welcomed by a collection of boutique-limited products, you will be able to relish complimentary engraving service and Givenchy Beauty’s exceptional art of gift-wrapping service.

Touch up Services

Get excited for a personalised and immersive venture in discovering Givenchy Beauty’s newest products.

Givenchy Beauty’s Latest Products

Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk

Givenchy Beauty presents Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk, an iconic red lipstick.

A semi-matte lipstick, infused with natural roots that are sourced eco-responsibly. Featuring Acemella Oleracea extract, an active ingredient that keeps the lips firm and soft.

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L’Interdit Eau de Toilette

L’Interdit Eau de Toilette reveals a white flower bouquet that unlocks citrus trio notes of bergamot, orange, mandarin, and electrifying ginger.

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Le Soin Noir Black and White Mask

Le Soin Noir Black and White Mask’s formula has two black and white formulations that are hot-poured individually, before being hand-marbled by experts of the skill, creating each mask entirely remarkable.

The Black SapTM extracted from Vital Algae, is integrated into the black consistency at an optimal concentration to harness its age-old revitalising energy and convey its extraordinary ability to resist varying conditions and regenerate itself to the skin.