Experiencing the aftermath of CNY makeovers with chemically-damaged hair? Purify the scalp and replenish moisture to hair with a Japanese Airy Hair Treatment & Exclusive Care Scalp Treatment at a discounted price today.

Japanese Airy Hair Treatment

Formulated from Japan especially for Asian hair types, this treatment keeps your hair in control by restoring moisture through Be Salon’s nanotechnology – giving it a lightweight finish. It is exceptionally suitable for Singapore’s humidity level and serves as regular maintenance to provide nourishment to dry, fine-looking, or chemically-damaged hair. We can all agree that Japan = Quality, so rest assured that your chemically-damaged hair can be revived again with this treatment!

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Exclusive Care Scalp Treatment

A three-step treatment to purify and revitalise the scalp that is suitable for oily or dry scalp, weak or thinning hair and congenital hair loss conditions:

Step 1

Deep cleansing of the scalp by a gentle exfoliation scrub

Step 2

Balancing the PH level of the scalp by a balancing mask

Step 3

Nourishing of the scalp using a serum tonic which helps to stimulate the hair follicles that will in turn help to strengthen the hair.