Lauded as a miracle ingredient, retinol, a form of vitamin A, has been hot in the skincare world for ages now, boosting the production of collagen and elastin to combat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, and even minimises the appearance of pores.

Kiehl’s remains one of the front runners for retinol products with their two retinol serums that is formulated with peptides, and ceramides. If you wanna give these serums a try, you’ll be pleased to learn that they are having a Member’s Day 20% discount from 26 May to 6 June 2023.

You can sign up for a membership with a purchase of up to S$120.

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum

Their star product is the Daily Micro-Dose Serum, a daily morning-and-night serum. With a concentration of only 0.1%, this formula is suitable for all skin types, and is to be used after toner, before moisturiser.

For users with sensitive skin, or are introducing retinol into your skincare for the first time, however, it is advised that this be applied after moisturiser for the first few weeks instead. This offers your skin time to assimilate and get used to the solution.

As retinol is not photostable, it can cause slight irritation when exposed to the sun. So, moisturising and wearing sunscreen liberally is a must!

Available in two sizes, 30ml (S$99) and 50ml (S$135), you can cart them out at their boutiques, or on their online site.

Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum

Looking for more rapid results? Opt for the Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum then.

With a concentration of 0.3%, this significantly more potent product is only to be used once every night, and is unfortunately not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

The serum comes housed in a bottle, with the retinol powder stored in a separate capsule that you will have to first screw on, combine, and mix. It is recommended that users complete the solution within three months upon mixing to maximise its potency, and freshness.

This retails for S$141, with a volume of 28ml at their boutiques, or on their online site.