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From now till 18th Sep, whenever you craft a signature perfume with Maison 21G, you will be gifted with a customisable Dual Crayon Creation of your choice!

The Dual Crayon is a twin rollerball perfume that allows you to use it individually on your skin, or layer both of them together to unleash a precious blend of your own creation — and now, you can get it for FREE with every Maison 21G signature perfume.

To receive your offer, simply use promo code “POCKETGIFT” after adding both items into your cart!

Receive a complimentary Dual Crayon Creation along with your signature perfume creation with code POCKETGIFT.



Maison 21G’s bestselling perfume creations

Feel Romantic – Sleek Sandalwood x Terrific Tonka

feel romantic

Sandalwood, suave, sleek, alluring, is unique among the woody iconic ingredients. Considered a holy wood in many Asian countries, Sandalwood is prized in perfumery highly due to its increasing rarity as raw material. His luxurious and comforting scent has a real cashmere-softness mixed with deep woody ambery accords. The result is an elegant sensual and addictive scent. Sleek Sandalwood has real calming benefits and imbues with an irresistible depth which captivates those around you.

Tonka, warm, sweet, and nutty, forms the foundation of the oriental fragrances and is prized by perfumers the world over. Also called the “Venus herb”, Tonka bean, contains a lot of coumarine, an addictive molecule frequently used in the finest love blends in perfumery. Powdery and warm, its delicate oriental sweetness and balanced woody sharpness will make your skin irresistible. Terrific Tonka weaves a magical distinctive aura, granting its wearer a seductive power and calmness of mind.

Maison 21G’s Feel Romantic is retailing at S$95 here.


Feel in Love – Raspberry Redemption x Vanilla Venus

feel in love

Raspberry, fresh, sweet and sparkling, who could resist to this youthful and red appeal. This fruity, powdery, and refreshing essence balances innocence and modernity, exciting the senses with jasmine floral and red fruit notes. Raspberry redemption, a superfruit, that enhances at the first spray your free spirit and your joyful character. It releases a spontaneous feeling of regression and gives a feeling of joy. Playful and optimistic, this inherent seductive nature will entice your personality at any moment of the day!

Vanilla, intoxicatingly gourmand, comforting, earthy-leathery, will arose your libido. Extracted from the wild orchid flowers of Madagascar, its prized essence holds the secrets of attraction and seduction in the whole perfumery world. Innocent sweetness and tantalising warmth gives way to intense woody and smoky facets, revealing an effortlessly seductive power.›

Maison 21G’s Feel in Love is retailing at S$95 here.