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CELMONZE Signature Plus Treatment is a must-try facial that is customised to every customer’s facial needs.

Here’s why you should try it out –

  • effectively targets 4 main skin problems: acne, dull skin, sensitive skin, and sagging skin
  • tones up facial muscles
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • regain skin radiance
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve skin tone
  • improve blood circulation

What you’ll get with CELMONZE Signature Plus Treatment:

  1. A mask application to boost up hydration 3 times more than the normal mask.
  2. Detox with a CELMONZE Signature Facelift Massage that uses a combination of massage techniques helps to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and your immune system while firming up the seven muscles found on the face.
  3. The Signature Plus experience ends off with CELMONZE Signature Concentrate Ampoule – a fine skin concentrate to renew and refine skin texture followed by energizing cream and sunblock.
  4. Machine functions and skincare products would be catered to your skin’s needs.

Still unsure if you should try it? Read 20 reviews on this facial and you’ll be convinced: Celmonze Signature Plus Treatment: Can this highly-rated facial solve four skin problems across all age groups?

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Find out how CELMONZE Signature Plus Treatment can help your skin –

Click here for ACNE SKIN

With bacteria lurking beneath the skin, it is hard to solve acne once and for all. This treatment uses Signature Plus Oxygen Electro to kill the bacteria while inducing oxygen beneath the skin to reduce inflammation hence the acne-fighting benefits for clearer skin. The mask from Signature Plus helps to regularize the sebum production to ensure the skin will not be oily.


Machine add-on: Signature Plus Oxygen Electro (kills bacteria and calms down acne)

Click here for DULL SKIN

Using a mild peeling solution to remove dead skin and Signature Plus Lymphatic Regulator to pull nutrients to the surface and expel toxins at the same time to give back the glow. With whitening ingredients licorice extract to solve inhibit melanin production; skin is instantly fairer after the 90 mins treatment.


Machine add-on: Signature Plus Lymphatic Regulator (boosts radiance for a brighter complexion)

Click here for SENSITIVE SKIN

“Angry Skin” will be soothed using Signature Plus Nano Mist application and a new skin barrier is created with rich nutrient from the mist to ensure healthy new skin cell is born free from sensitivity.


Machine add-on: Signature Plus Nano Mist (calms inflammation, soothes and nourishes)

Click here for SAGGING SKIN

Using Signature Plus Face Muscle Energizer, the machine helps energize the facial muscle and improve blood circulation to give natural lifting. Instant results can be seen!*

*results may vary


Machine add-on: Signature Plus Face Muscle Energizer (redefines facial contours and restores skin’s firmness)

Other available machine add-ons: Signature Plus Biowave Rejuvenation System (enhances absorption of nutrients and improves oxygenation)



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