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Face Shower Bar is the first “dry bar of facials” in Singapore that offers fast, customised, affordable facials for busy women who have little time to maintain a healthy skincare routine. They helm themselves as Singapore’s First Facial Dry bar, giving you the clearest skin without downtime or manual extraction in 30 minutes flat. 

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What is a Quick Shower Facial?

This quick yet efficient facial therapy uses an exfoliation technology called hydra-dermabrasion to give skin a thorough power wash, removing clogged pores and blackheads with no downtime. Expect cleansed skin with an amazing glow, in and out in 30 minutes!

What are the benefits?

The Quick Shower Facial uses a hydra-dermabrasion machine, along with a set of three patented skin solutions called DermaSOS. Each solution has different functions:

  • DermaSoften-1: It first dissolves impurities and soften dead skin cells with a gentle vortex liquid wash.
  • DermaOpen-2: It then opens up the pores and unclog blackheads with painless suction.
  • DermaSoothe-3: Soothes irritated skin and revives dry, dehydrated patches with a cocktail of calming solution through vortex infusion.

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Enjoy the facial at $48 (U.P.$90)

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